23 February 2015

Queen's Court: Taylor Swift

Hello loves, 
Taylor Swift is an obvious member of the Queen's Court because she herself, is a queen. I absolutely adore her style, her hair, her music, just everything! I think she's classy, poised and such a sweetheart with an incredible sense of style. Taylor, just like Lily, combines classic style with a touch of grunge, creating the utmost incredible outfits. Some people say that she can dress quite granny-ish but I think that she can make granny look chic. Street Style wise, she dresses semi-conservative which I do like. I think that if you're going to show some body, you should be selective. When I'm dressing, if I'm wearing something quite short, then I'd prefer for my chest and maybe even arms to be covered. If the outfit shows a fair bit of cleavage, then I think the legs should be covered a little more. I'm not saying if you're going to show cleavage you should wear a floor length dress but maybe something to the knees or a little above. Taylor seems to have the same sort of mind set when she is picking out her clothes, which is probably why I love all of her outfits so much.

Street Style
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  1. I think her style has improved so much over the years and I love her now!
    I recently started my own beauty related blog, I would love for you to check it out, x Josune, Your Beauty Script

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  2. I completly agree. Once she chopped her hair, and changed how 'theme' of music, I really started to love her. I like that instead of writing really sappy and sad love songs, she's writing edgy, powerful music that is still really fun!
    I also followed your blog. I really like your layout! Excited to see more!


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