04 January 2018

Holiday Lush Treats

My love for Lush grows exponentially during the holiday season...

They make some amazing products all year round, but during the winter season, they produce some extra special things! I don't get the opportunity to shop at Lush all the time, but I always make a special effort to go during the holiday season (starting at Halloween). I move taking baths during the winter and since my dorm doesn't have a bathtub, I've been taking as many baths as I could when I got home for the holidays. This, of course, warranted a tip and a *little* splurge. 

Now I had a little brain fart and forgot that I already had some goodies at hone, so my adventure to lush was under the mindset of picking up some of their holiday editions. I have quite a sensitive nose so I have to be quite careful when choosing my products. I adore Christmas, but sometimes the scents are associated with the most wonderful time of the year are a bit strong for me. Keeping that in mind, most of the products I chose have subtler scents.

Shoot For The Stars:
Described as a "honey-scented constellation", I was immediately drawn to this bath bomb because of it's scent. It had sort of a sweet, but not sickly sweet, smell. I also have a ever-growing love for stars, the second I saw this bath bomb I was sold. I used this just the other night and it leaves gives the water such a beautiful array of colors. It also has glitter, which adds to the star effect in the water.

Never Mind The Ballistics:
I was instantly intrigued by this bath bomb because it is a jelly-bomb. Now I'm not sure if this is a completely new concept to Lush, but it's new to me. Usually, bath bombs are made of powdery substances that has been pressed to form the ball form, but from what I understand, these jelly bombs are made of compressed oils. With a lime and orange scent, this jelly bomb would be the perfect pick me up after a long day.

Christmas Sweater

Shoot For The Stars

Christmas Sweater:
Now this bath bomb was a reach for me because it is definitely a stronger of a scent. It's one of the more obvious member of the Christmas collections (I mean it's got reindeer on it) and it harbors a very christmasy scent. The bath bomb has a myriad of spicy scents, that all scream deck the halls. I haven't had the chance to use this bath bomb, but I'm excited to see what colors come out of it!

Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds:
The final product is a bubble bar. I personally think bubble bars are my favorite products to come out of Lush because I really love bubbles. I also adore the fact the the bubble bars can be used for more than one bath. That has always been my main qualm with bath bombs, I suppose too could take it out halfway through the fizz but that seems kinda silly to me. Any who, I particularly like this bubble bar because it gives off a very calming scent.

Nevermind The Ballistics 

Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds

I'm sure that once I go back to school, I will start to go through Lush (and bath) withdrawal. This will inevitably end up with me scrolling through the Lush website looking for products that can be used in a shower instead. Lush is currently having a BOGO and has a few of their Christmas products left, so if you missed out on these babies, I highly recommend taking a pop over to their website!

What are some of your favorite Lush products? 


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