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Cable knit sweaters are a massive must have for fall and winter. It’s always nice to have the warm, cozy, snugness of a sweater when the temperature starts to drop and the cable knit is a gorgeous design. Since I like to mix comfort and style together, I’ve become rather fond of cropped cable knit sweaters. Crop tops were in every store through out the summer and I think the trend is going to carry out into the winter with sweaters. Since high waisted pants are in style, people are looking for winter- appropriate things to pair with their high-waisted pants, i.e. cropped sweater. 

Options 1 and 2 are my ways of dressing up a cable knit sweater. 

In option 1, I’ve paired a wine colored cropped sweater with a black high-waisted skater skirt. Since the temperature is starting to decrease, I’ve also thrown in a pair of tights. If it isn’t cold enough for tights, you could always go bare legged. Lastly, I’ve thrown in a pair of Suede Wedge booties that I absolutely love. I personally like wedges more then a standard heel because I find them easier to walk in. I think this outfit would be perfect for a formal winter event. If you had some nice jewelry to pair with it, it could look quite dressy.  

For option 2, I’ve paired a a salmon colored cropped sweater with a pair of dark grey high-waisted jeans. For accessories, I’ve added a gold long necklace and come simple gold rings. I think keeping the jewelry simple for this look is really important. It’s a simple but polished look and I think that it would be nice for something like a birthday dinner or a semi- casual date. Lastly, I’ve added a pair of dark beige low wedge booties. 

Option 3 and 4 are more casual looks.

With option 3, I’ve paired a cream cropped sweater with light washed, high-waisted jeans. Since this is quite casual look for fall/ winter, I though boots would be an appropriate choice. I absolutely adore these boots. I think they are a real staple for anybodies winter wardrobe. Lastly, I’ve added a pair of little pearl studs. Since the outfit is so simple and casual, it’s necessary to keep the jewelry simple. Any simple studs would look nice with the outfit.

With option 4, I’ve taken the lazy day approach. This is something I would lounge around in, at home or make a quick run to get food. First off is the light grey baggy cable knit sweater. I think this would be so comfy and cozy in the cold winter days. Next are the plain black leggings. I think that every girl should have a pair of plain black legging because they literally work with every outfit. The last part of the outfit is the loafers. THE MOST ADORABLE LOAFERS IN THE WORLD! I want these so badly. I think they just add the final touch to the outfit and plus they’re to cute not to have. 

Obviously these are just my opinions, you don’t have to follow them at all. 

I hope you all enjoyed the post and if you have piece of clothing that you want me to create a How To Wear for, then you can reach me at my email which I’ll leave below. All articles of clothing and their prices are listed on my Polyvore, so if you see something you absolutely can’t live without, feel free to pop over and have a little look.

Love ya lots!

~ Dany

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