Dinner dates are always tricky. “Do I go casual, classy or all dolled up?” “Should I wear pants or is a dress more appropriate?” And in some cases, “He won’t even tell me where we are going, how am I supposed to know how to dress?!” The answer is never simple. This one date can take years off a girls life, just because she’s worrying. Well worry no more because I have some answers for all you stressed out ladies. 

First option, pants. Don’t want to be to dressy? Not quite sure where you are going? Is it going to rain tonight? Or did you just not want to shave your legs? If your thoughts fit any of these, then pants are the way to go. Some nice pants paired with a blouse and a set of classy heels make the perfect not to dressed up but still dressy look. My favorite is monochrome. You can never go wrong with black & white. Rule # 21, clean lines are a must. with cleans lines and black & white, any woman can make pants looks elegant enough for the snobbiest restaurant in town. 

Now if you know that you’re going to that fancy-smancy restaurant that won’t let woman in without a dress and heels, here’s some life saving advice. It’s nicer to be called beautiful then hot. While some girls will automatically reach for the “where’s the rest of it??” dress, try to go for something a little more modest. I’m not saying you have to dress like a pilgrim on its way to church, but a skirt just above the knee never killed anyone. Especially if it’s a first date. Try to find out if he’s interested in more then your upper thigh by covering it up. I promise you can still look amazing. 




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