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I thought I would break up all the fashion with some makeup. Makeup is also something I’m quite passionate about. I find it so much fun and I just love trying out knew products and playing with different color schemes. I also like to pair my makeup with what I’m wearing because I feel like makeup and fashion go hand in hand. 

These are some of my favorite brushes at the moment. I’m turning into a brush hoarder, because well, who doesn’t need brushes! 

(Advanced apology for the state of my brushes. I took these photos in a rush and didn’t have time to clean the brushes.)

The Sephora All Over Shadow Eye Shadow Brush

I love this brush because it’s great for just slapping on one color of eye shadow all over your lid. It’s just so massive!

 The Sephora Small Shadow Eye Shadow Brush

This brush is slightly smaller then the one above. It’s really nice if you want to be more precise with your base color. 

 The Real Techniques Brow Brush

I absolutely love the real techniques brushes and I have about eight of them. The Real Techniques Bold Metals just came out a few days ago and I want them so badly!! Anyway, I think out of all of my brushes, this is my most used because my eyebrows are extremely important to me. On days where I’m not doing any makeup, I will still fill in my brows. I just really love to have a nice, bold brow.  

 The Sephora Pro Crease 10 Brush

This brush is so soft and it blends really nicely. It’s definitely my go to brush for doing my crease. 

 The Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush

This brush is actually meant for your crease but I find it too big. I have relatively small face with pretty small features and I find that I just can’t fit this into the crease of my eye. I instead use it for concealer. I think it’s just perfect for the under eye area and covering up spots. 

 The Sephora Rounded Crease Brush

I mainly use this brush for blending out just one color on my eyelid, especially if I want to shape my eye shadow in a certain way. 

 The Real Techniques Detailer Brush

This brush is so tiny and cute! I absolutely adore it! I usually use it to smudge my pencil eyeliner because it’s so small, it can get in the the little nooks and crannies of my eyes. 

The Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush

When I wear foundation, which is not very often (I tend to just use concealer), I use this brush to apply it because again, it’s quite small. 

The Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Now I know that this brush is usually used for foundation but I like to use it for powder. I think it’s the perfect size and it just works really nicely.

The Covergirl Clump Crusher By Lashblast Mascara

I had seen this in the stores and in commercials but I just wasn’t really persuaded to buy it and try it. Then I got it for free, thanks to the Makeup Team at US Figure Skating Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina. The event was sponsored by Prudential, Smuckers, and Covergirl so I got a free beauty products. This mascara is actually really nice. I’m not normally a fan of Covergirl mascara but I really like this!

 The Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder

My skin is tricky to deal with because there are some really oily patches and some really dry patches so I need a powder that won’t make me look really dry and flaky but still keeps me from being shiny. This loosed powder works really well and it lasts for quite a long time.

 The Urban Decay Naked Pallet

Obviously, you’ve all heard of the Naked Pallets and if you haven’t, well, where have you been?!? I have the first one and the third one and I love them both to bits. I tend to use this one during the winter because I like the golds and browns for the colder months and I like the pinks in the warmer months. I think it’s pretty easy to tell that Half Baked is by far my favorite in the pallet. I also really like Hustle for my crease. 

 Moroccan Oil

I naturally have quite frizzy hair, because I have natural curls and I use hair tools a lot. This Moroccan oil works wonders on frizz. I’m so excited to try it out this summer because summertime is when my hair gets really unmanageable. 

 Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

I like to use this because it adds quite a bit of volume to my hair. I usually wear my hair is messy waves/ curls and I think the added volume this gives makes my hair really nice. It also smells really fresh and clean which I quite like. I’m not a big fan of smells that are really strong or overpowering. 

 Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer In 15 Fair

I just got this concealer and I fell in love with it almost instantly. It matches my skin tone perfectly and I like that it’s not too heavy. I bought this and then thought “Oh no it looks a bit too pale,” but it actually matches perfectly. 

The Cameo Perfect Brow In Dark

I normally use pencil to fill in my brows because I think it’s just really quick but then I saw this on Amazon and thought why not? My eyebrows are a dark brown so I use the top color, which is actually a lot darker then is showing up on camera. I’m a little peeved because, as you can see, the bottom color is broken. This arrived to me like that but luckily, it’s too light for my brows so I won’t use it. 

Well that’s all of my makeup and hair faves at the moment. I’m sure there will be more soon!




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