Hello loves,

I really like the color red. I wear a lot of red and my hair is actually partially dyed red. I think that every girl should have a red dress in her wardrobe because it is such a staple piece of clothing. I think that red can be worn all year around because there are so many different shades of red. The deep and dark reds are perfect for Autumn and Winter whilst the light and more orange reds are really nice for Summer and Spring. Below I’ve created six different outfits that can be created with a simple red dress. 

These first two are the fancier options. Option 2 is more of a classic conservative outfit, while option 1 is an edgier look. I think if you were going to a friends’ party or something of that sort, option 1 would be the way to go; but if you’re going to something fancier and a less laid back, option 2 would be the way to go. 

The dress in number 1 is paired with a gold metal plated statement necklace, black suede platform heels, a studded leather clutch, gold metal rings, and matte gold long triangle stud earrings. 

The dress in number 2 is paired with a large bejeweled statement necklace, black stilettos, diamond earrings, a diamond bracelet, and a black clutch.

Option 3 is an edgy day look. I would defiantly wear this outfit. I love the shoes and the bag. Option 4 is an outfit fit for business. 

In number 3, the dress is paired with a leather jacket, platform booties, a black and silver metal tooth embellished clutch, gold earrings, and a gold studded bracelet. The clutch also has a metal chain that can be used as a long strap. I think if it was an Autumn day and you were just going into town with some friends or shopping at the mall, this would be a really cute outfit to wear. 

In number 4, the dress is paired with a black blazer, black suede flats with a pointed toe, large pearl earrings, a long charm necklace, and a large tote purse. The purse is big enough to haul around important documents, a laptop, a makeup bag, and any other purse essential. The flats could always be exchanged for heels if you’re looking for a more professional look. 

Option 5 is a winter outfit while option 6 is a summer outfit.

In number 5, the dress is paired with a black sort of cape coat, tall black boots, a Celine bag with a long strap, thick black tights, and black leather gloves. I didn’t pair this outfit with any jewelry because I wanted the main focus to be on warmth. 

In number 6, the dress is paired with black strappy sandals, a black bucket bag, a black and gold watch, sunglasses, little heart earrings. and a black, wide brim hat. I really like the hat because it gets extremely sunny during the summer and I have quite sensitive eyes, The hat and glasses combo keep my eyes shielded and happy from the sun. 

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to wear a red dress. Obviously, these are just my opinions and you don’t have to follow them at all.

If there is any piece of clothing that you would like me to create a “How To Wear” for, then let me know down below or you can send me an email at itsdanyqueen@gmail.com




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