Hello loves,

I went into Lush this weekend with my friend and may have bought a few sneaky things. Lush had a couple of their spring products out and they are so nice! The Lush I go to is actually very small so there aren’t many choices, but everything in there smelled so lovely and fresh. I only picked up three things because I was in a rush but I’m quite happy with them . All three are bath bombs, all three smell very spring-like and I’m very excited to use them.

The first one I got is called Avobath. It’s a light, grass green. The Lush description of the bath bomb is Zingy lemongrass adds pep and fresh avocado for happy skin”. This bath bomb was $6.35 and I hope that it does wonders.

The second bath bomb I got is the Big Blue. I’m not going to lie, I mainly got this one because of the description. Out of the three, I’m least fond of the scent. It’s one of those that I like but there something off about it that I can’t put my finger on. The Lush description is “Drop a Big Blue in your tub and bring a private ocean to your bathroom”. Doesn’t that just sound magical. This bath bomb was a whooping $6.40.

The third and final bath bomb is the Fizzbanger Ballistic. Best. Name. Ever. The Lush description is Apple cinnamon bath time fireworks,” but it doesn’t smell like apple cinnamon at all. I think it smells like lemon. I actually was really confused when I looked up the description because I was like “it smells nothing like cinnamon or apple.. AND IT’S YELLOW”… Yeah, ok Lush. Whatever you say. Anyway. I think this is my favorite scent buy far. This bath bomb was the cheapest at $5.95. Not that much cheaper, but still. 

My total came out to 18.70 not including tax, which I think is decent for 3 full sized bath bombs. I’m really excited to use them and I hope that my bath water looks really cool.

If you want to check out what Lush has in at the moment, I’ll leave the website down below.

I haven’t tired many Lush products, so if you have favorites, let me know so I can try them!





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