Hello loves,

The time is near and love is in the air. Valentines Day is just around the corner. I strongly believe in dressing for the occasion/ holiday but I don’t always want to go all out. Below I’ve created multiple different possible outfits that you could wear for Valentines Day.

I’ve kind of put the dresses in order from casual to fancy and they’re also in order of price. I absolutely adore the second dress. I think its cute, simple and classy which is a style I really like. 

  • 1. Chicwish Enchanting Red Embellished Skater Dress $59
  • 2. Lovedrobe Heart Back Skater Dress $79.95
  • 3. Ted Baker CAREE Sheer floral dress $448

For those Valentines Days where you don’t want to really a dress, or there isn’t any need to, you can still dress up a top and pants. I know that Valentines colors and red and pink but I think that black and white is really nice. I basically live in black and white clothes. For numbers three and four, you might have to wear a jacket because in some places its quite cold in February. 

1. Warehouse Window Pane Check Blouse $64

2. UNIQLO Silk Long Sleeve Blouse $60.99

3. Equipment White Silk Sleeveless Shirt $290

4. Lace Love Top $70

I actually arranged the pants so they could each pair up with the tops above. (1 goes with 1) Obviously, you wouldn’t have to wear it that way but that’s just how I say the outfits. I really love colored jeans. I think they just add a little pop of color to a simple outfit. 


2. Net-A-Porter Ankle Slim Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans $320.20

3. PIECES Jute Regular Waist Leggings $39.46

4. Lanvin Womens Horse Riding Pants $243.96

Last But certainly not least is the shoes. 1-5 are heels for those who are having a fancier Valentines Day and 6-10 are for people who are having a less fancy day or aren’t comfortable wearing heels. I think number 10 and number 7 are my favorites. I’m not always much of a heels person. I’m well aware that many of the shoes are quite expansive but you can always find cheaper dupes. 
1. PRADA Sandal $850
2. JIMMY CHOO 120mm Anouk Patent Leather Pumps $595
3. New Look Neon Pink Platform Court Shoes $30
4. ModCloth Statement Front Bow Seat Wedge $40
5. Net-A-Poter Christian Louboutin Cora Heart 100 Patent Leather Pumps $795
6. Pre-owned Jimmy Choo Flats $99
7. OASIS Quilted Bow Ballerina Pumps $38
8. ModCloth Vintage Inspired Easy Edge Flat $30
9. Jigsaw Cecile Pointed Flat $105
10. French Sole Black Suede Ballet Flats $205

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day! 




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