Hello loves,

Its finally beginning to feel like spring here! We hit a high on 60 degrees yesterday and it was so nice. The snow’s melting, the flowers are blooming, things are becoming green and fresh starts are around the corner. I’m so excited for spring, which is quite unusual for me. I’m definitely more of a cold weather person, so the thought of hot days makes me cringe a little. Anything above 80 degrees and I start to melt into a puddle of unhappiness and humidity. Something about this year is different. I’m genuinely looking forward to the warm weather. 

On the blogging front, I’ve got so many exciting posts to come. I’m going on two vacations in the next two months, so those will be appearing here, as well as the inevitable masses of spring and summer shopping I will be doing.
I hope that wherever you are, if you’re still under three feet of snow or the flowers are already blooming, that the warm rays of sunlight start to come through the clouds because spring is here!


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