Hello loves,
Spring is finally here! We’ve hit 70 degrees, it sunny and the birds are out chirping again. I love spring shopping because it’s the time I start to move away from black and white and inject some color into my wardrobe.

I’ve already done some of my spring shopping but I thoroughly intend to do more. Below is a couple staples that I am definitely going to try and snag. For clothes, I’m really looking for a good pair of white jeans. I know that in some places, it gets to hot to wear jeans in the spring but where I am, I can get away with it. Spring/ summer dress are also a must have for me. I absolutely love bright colored dress and stripes are always a staple for me. For outer ware, I’m looking a for a nice, cropped light-wash denim jacket. I have a dark-wash one but I think that a light-wash one would look a lot nicer with all my bright colors. Lastly, for bottoms, I really love to wear skater- skirts, I think they are flattering in my body and I love all the different ways they can be worn. I normally wear shorts in the summer but this year I’m trying to move away from jean shorts. I think a pair of bright floral clothe shorts would be so comfortable and cut, it just seems like an obvious must have.
Shoes, shoes, shoes. I have way to many shoes, but I’m still buying new ones. This year, I want to get a hold of low top white converse, a hair of cute loafers, and a pair of oxfords. I think that these three pairs of shoes could all be staples for spring and summer.
Accessory wise, I like to keep things pretty simple. I don’t normally wear a lot of jewelry, and when I do it’s all rather small pieces. The Marc Jacobs watch is something I’ve been pining over for a while. I think it is so gorgeously simple, it would be perfect for spring and summer. It no secret to anyone who knows me that I’m a massive bag and sunglasses junkie. I have about a million and three pairs of sunglasses, which I all adore. The next pair of my list are the over sized, RayBans. I think they’re very classic looking. As for the bag, bucket bags have been a huge trend through out the last year and I’m just finally getting around to buying one. I absolutely love the color of the bag and if possible, I’m going to buy one extremely similar.  Lastly, everyone and their mother and their sister and their cousin have been rocking flower crowns. I’ve already bought one and I intend to try and look as amazing as everyone else.
For beauty, I’ve been running in a common color theme. I really like oranges and peaches on my skin. I think they compliment the color and they’re just so springy.  For my hair, I really want to try some sea salt spray. I’ve heard from multiple different sources that Bumble and Bumble makes the best kind, so I’m excited to try that out.
So many things to buy, so little money. That always seems to be the problem. I have you have a wonderful week and if you have any other ideas of things that should go on my shopping list, let me known down in the comments!



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