Hello loves,

Today I’ve got a massive makeup haul. It’s bits and pieces that I’ve been buying over the past few months and I’ve decided to share them with you.

Ooh La Lift

While I was on Spring Break, I purchased Benefits Ooh La Lift. Ooh La Lift isn’t a new product but I had never tried it before and I wanted to give it a go. I tend to suffer from dark under eye circles, which can be very annoying because they always make me look like a zombie. Ooh La Lift is an under eye brightener and I think it really does work. 

Application-wise, I put three dots under each each and then pat it in my my ring finger. I’d defiantly recommend this product if you suffer from the dark under eyes like I do. I bought mine at Ulta but I’ve seen them available at anywhere that has a Benefit counter. 

Benefit Roller Lash
After reading many glowing reviews about the Benefit Roller Lash, I caved and purchased one. It’s defiantly a nice quality mascara but I found some cons to the product. I do like how much length it gives to my lashes and I like that I don’t necessarily need to curl my lashes with this product but it doesn’t really create the illusion that my lashes are thicker and more voluminous then normal. Those two aspects are defiantly things I look for in a mascara. I have found a way around that though. I’ve been pairing the Benefit Roller Lash with my Two Faced Better Than Sex mascara which has given me amazing results. I put on one to two coats of the Roller Lash just to make sure everything is coated and then I go in with two coats of the Better Than Sex. This gives me curl, volume and length which I absolutely adore. I’ve been doing this routine for the past two weeks and I’ve gotten multiple different compliments on my lashes.

Anastasia Brows

Eyebrows. Eyebrows are so important. If I’m having a pretty makeup free day, there are two things going on my face, mascara and something to fill in my brows. I just really like having strong defined brows. I think they make my face more dramatic but they also make me look for put together. A strong brow can completely change a look and I think that’s really cool. Lats time I got them waxed, the lady somehow didn’t understand that I just wanted them cleaned up a little. that’s not what happened. I ended up with very thin brow, that I’ve been growing out now for over 6 months. 

I’ve heard multiple people take about the Anastasia company, more specifically their brow line and when I was in Macy’s, I saw the counter and couldn’t help myself. I usually used a power to fill in my brows because I’m lazy and powder in really quick. You basically just slap it on and go, well I decided that I would try to put a little more effort into my brows and take a little more time to do them. So I opted for the brow pencil in the shade, Dark Brown. It’s double sided so the actual pencil is on one side and the is a spooled brush on the other side (very convenient). I’ve been using it for the past couple days and I can say I really like it. It does take a lot longer to do, but I’ll just have to deal with that. My last brow power had a gel infused in it so I never had to worry about getting a clear brow get, unfortunately, the pencil has no such thing. So I decided to purchase the clear brow gel along with the gel. I think the products work well together and I like the ways my brows have been looking. Like I said I bought mine in Macy’s but I’ve noticed the Anastasia counter popping up pretty much everywhere. I don’t know if i have never noticed it or if the company just decided to expand but they seem to be around every corner. 

Benefit Trio

I was strolling around Ulta and you know at the front of the store where the checkout counter is, where they have all these little minis and other things. I was riffling through all of that when this gem caught my eye. I’ve been wanting to try out the They’re Real mascara and I’ve heard great things about the eyeliner so I couldn’t resist. It’s such a great deal! I love when products come in groups like this so I can try out many different products at a lower price. Then if I like it, I can purchase the full size. 

Maybelline Fit Me Powder
I’m very picky about my powders, I really only like to use translucent ones. Sometimes translucent ones are kind of hard to find so when I see one, I try it out. I saw this one in Target and picked it up because Ive tried the concealer from this range and I really liked it. Here’s hoping for the best!

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer 
I was running out of my concealer and I was looking for something new when I came across this I had head some chatter about the concealers but I hadn’t heard anything huge about them so I thought I’d give them a go. I picked up the color light warm which is a nice match for under my eyes.The concealer is very light weight but still offer a lot of coverage which I think is great. There’s only one thing I don’t really like about it and it’s the smell. I know, a little odd, but it really kind of shocked me. Other then that, it’s a great product and I’ll defiantly be using it this summer.

Pixi Eyeliner

I just picked up the Endless Silky Eye Pen from Target today so I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet but I did swatch a little on my had and the consistency is so nice! I’ve got it in the color BlackNoir which was the darkest shade I could find but I also saw that there was a black shade with glitter in it, which I’ve never seen before.  I’ve never tried anything from Pixi but I see the brand all over. I’m very excited to try it out, and maybe I’ll have a new favorite pencil liner. 

Lancôme Eye Shadow Palette

I was given a couple of Lancôme products and one of them was this eye shadow palette. I absolutely adore wearing gold on my eyes so when I got this palette I was ecstatic. The palettes name is 101 Bronze Amour but it doesn’t give the individual names if the shadows which is kind of annoying so if you happen to know what they are, please let me know. 

Lancôme Blush

I was also given this blush which is absolutely gorgeous. It’s such a lovely pink. It’s not to bright but it’s also not a nude which is quite nice. I don’t wear blush on an everyday basis but when I do, I tend to go for nice soft pinks. The color is Rose Fresque which I think fits the color perfectly. 

Wet n Wild Balm Stain and Lancôme Lipstick

Last but not least are the lip products. The first thing I got was a Balm Stain by Wet n Wild. I saw this in CVS and fell in love with the color. It’s such a pretty pink which a little bit of shimmer. The consistency is really nice also. The color is called Pinky Promise.  It’s like a chubby stick with a bit of gloss. Secondly was the last Lancôme product I was given. It’s a dark bright pink color called Wannabe. It’s a cream lipstick and I think it’s a very fun color. 

Wow, that was a lot but oh well! If you’ve got any products that you think I’d like, let me know in the comments. 




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