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*drawing is not my own work, credit goes to illustrator 

With summer coming to a close and autumn approaching, new colors are coming into season. While I love the dark reds, browns, oranges and purples of autumn, I find myself not ready to get let go of the bright colors of summer. In particular, the bright pinks and corals. My favorite summer color just happened to be bottled into a nail polish called Slice Of Sunset. It’s light the cross between a neon pink and a light pink, which I really like. 

This nail polish is a part of the Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure collection so it’s not a gel polish, it’s a regular polish. When I was painting my nails, I discovered that I had run out of top coat. I didn’t want to run to CVS to buy top coat so I used my No Light Gel Top Coat. I highly recommend using this method. This gives the basic look and feel of gel nails, while also giving the durability without have to damage your nails or pay the higher price for the gel polish.  

I just put two to three thin coats on each nail and then put one coat of top coat on after they’ve dried partially. 

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