Hello loves,
Necklaces are defiantly my most most worn pieces of jewelry. While I usually stick to small, simple necklaces, I have a few larger pieces. 

Here I have three of my favorite small necklaces. The one furthest the left is my double heart necklace from Tiffany & Co. I got this as a sixteenth birthday present from my mom. The necklace has two hearts, one that is silver and has engraved Tiffany & Co on it while the other is a Tiffany blue heart with a silver outline. The hearts are separately strung on a little silver chain. I love a lot of the jewelry that comes out of Tiffany & Co but unfortunately it’s all quite expensive. The middle necklace is also a present from my mom. She brought it back for me when she went on a business trip to New York. It’s the zodiac symbol for Sagittarius which is engraved on a silver pendant and on a thin brown string. The necklace on the right is from Forever21, I really like triangles and arrows and this necklace kind of reminds me of both.

This necklace is one of my larger, more intricate necklaces. I don’t usually wear statement jewelry but this was a present from one of my friends and I really like it.  There are three flowers which ave two layers of petals. The small circular stone in the middle is light blue while the flowers are a light sea foam green. The chain is gold and it’s adjustable. 

This necklace is a triple layer necklace form Forever21. The first chain has a small, gold, flat circle, the second has a long, banana shaped pendant and the third is medium sized hoop. All three are a sort of brushed, matte gold. 

This necklace I got from Rue21 in South Carolina. It’s super long, the bottom reaches to my belly button. It has a gold aztec pendant with a long spike attached. The stones are a green- aquamarine mix which is really beautiful. 


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