Hello loves,

When I was about thirteen, I started to have acne problems because you know, puberty and all that jazz. I started looking into face cleansers, acne washes, blackhead patches, etc. These are three that I’ve found really work for me. I’ve got combination skin, so parts of my face are super oily while other parts of my face are dry. I need a cleanser that doesn’t over dry my face but still keeps oil at bay, WHILE getting rid of acne. I know, that’s a lot to ask but these three manage to do that. 

This first one is the Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub. I love using this one to fully cleanse my body when I’m in the shower. I especially like it after a long day or a really brutal practice where I’m all sweaty. This cleanser really cleans deep and my skin feels so much softer after I use it. It’s got little micro beads in it which really make a difference. The scrub smells of oranges, which is is really nice. It’s not to strong but very light and pleasant. 

The next cleanser is the Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam. I don’t use this cleanser as often as the other two, because I feel this one works best if you just use it when you’ve got a bad breakout. When I break out, I break out bad and it’s usually on my nose. I make sure I don’t use any of the other cleansers and I use the foam twice a day until the break out goes away. 

Lastly, and probably my favorite is the Acne Dote Maximum Strength Face & Body Scrub. I absolutely love the smell of this scrub. It smells like lemon and lime which is one of my favorite scents. I usually just use this on my face because it tends to dry out the rest of my skin, with its maximum strength and all. If you struggle with an oily complexion or combination, I really recommend it. If you’ve got a combination complexion, try to only use this on your oily bits or you could really dry out your skin.  

Let me know if you have any suggestions for other scrubs I should try!


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