Hello loves, 

About five minutes away from my house is this super cute, little, independent coffee house that I like to frequent. One of my friends and I made plans to have lunch there Sunday afternoon and I thought I’d give you a look at what I wore. It’s a super casual place so that’s the kind of look I went for.

The Jean Jacket: Made by J. Crew but I got it at a thrift shop about a year ago. It’s slightly to big for me so it’s quite comfy. It’s a very dark denim, with dark copper buttons. Seeing as the weather is starting to get a little cooler, I like to play it safe and always take a jacket when I’m going out, even if I just leave it in the car. I’m definitely someone who gets cold easily. 

The Tank Top: This tank is probably one of my most worn pieces of clothing I bought this year. I bought it when I was going to the beach for spring break, and I’ve worn it consistently since then.  I also have the same one in black, which I’ve worn just as much. They’re cropped with tie straps at the shoulders. They’re very floaty and are supper comfortable. I purchased them from Forever 21 and would definitely buy more if I could find them. 

The Bralette: You can’t really see it because of the sun, but I wanted to tell you about it anyway because I love it. It’s a light baby pink with floral lace in racerback shape. I bought it the other day from Arie and there should be a more detailed description with a better picture in an upcoming post. 

The Jeans: My jeans are from Hollister probably three years ago. I actually like Hollister jeans because I’ve got long legs but I’m a very small person so their jeans fit me really well. They’re a light wash, skinny jean that isn’t supper tight around the ankle, allowing me to roll them up comfortably. 

The Shoes: The Ranger Boot made by Madden Girl. Madden Girl is actually one of my favorite shoe brands. I think the designs are really cute and often very edgy. They’re a light pebble grey suede and they have silver hooks.  They also have a little zipper up the inside so you don’t have to unlace the shoe. 

As always feel free to leave a comment below. This is probably one of my favorite outfits for the weather right now, but I’m definitely looking forward to the coats and big sweater. Gotta love autumn!  


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