Hello loves,

Winter is here which means rainy days, bone chilling wind and the extreme craving to snuggle up on the couch with some coffee and a good book. On days like these, I want nothing more than to put on some sweatpants, a warm sweater and some cozy socks. Arie is one of my favorite stores because everything is so incredibly comfortable. Their bras and underwear are nice but what they do best is cozy clothes and pjs. I wandered in and ended picking up two pairs of joggers, and a bralette. The joggers are some of the most comfortable things I’ve every worn. They’re absolutely amazing. I also wandered into a store called Altar’d State. This store is new to my area so I thought I’d go in and check out their stuff. Right at the very back of the store, I found a huge basket of knit socks. They’re so comfortable and I’m completely in love with them. They do a great job of keeping my toes warm. I’m definitely going to go back and buy some more as the days get colder and colder.

Both of the joggers have ties around the wait so they an be adjusted for size. They also have elasticated bands around the ankles. The grey joggers have zippers on the size incase the foot hole is to small, (also looks super cute.)

The bralette is a light baby pink lace with a triangular racer back. It isn’t padded and rather feels like a more stylish sports bra. Thee are perfect for day when all you do is lounge around the house with no need for an actual bra. 

Lastly, the socks are knit, very stretchy and come up to the lower calf. I like wearing these with my short boots or my high top converse because I think it’s really cute to see the top of the socks poking out. If you’re looking for some good, pretty heavy duty socks, I would definitely recommend these. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and you find some comfy clothes to relax in. All prices and the websites will be linked below. 

Socks (Both)- $12.95

Jogger (Grey)- $39.95

Jogger (Black)- $19.97

Bralette- $22.95


Altar’d State


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