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Brows, brows, brows. One of the main beauty focuses of that last year or two has been eyebrows. Those interested in beauty will know how incredibly time consuming it is to keep you brows looking nice, neat and well shaped. Many people say that one should never touch their own brows and wait to have a professional sort it out, I myself, lived by that for a couple years but as time went on, I got lazy. Now, I do everything with my brows myself. I wax them (rarely), pluck, reshape, trim and of course, fill them in. Some might say that’s more effort then just letting someone else deal with them but I find it to be much more efficient. I like thicker brows so I don’t have to pluck and wax often, I just need to keep it controlled. As for filling in, I’m usually going it in a rush and I find pencil takes absolutely forever. I’ve been using Anastasia Brow products for a while now but I hadn’t tried their powders, so while I was in Ulta I picked this one up. It’s the Brow Powder Duo in the shade Chocolate. My hair color is extremely hard to match because I’ve been highlighting my hair with reds for 3 or 4 years now. This makes my roots a dark brown, the middle of my hair a dark auburn and the ends, a lighter auburn. Because most of my hair doesn’t match my eyebrows, I found using the Brow Wiz in the shade Dark Brown made my eyebrows look very strange. While poking around the stand, I found the dark half of the duo is perfect to match my roots without making my eyebrows look way to dark.

As always, the packaging on the Anastasia products is so simple and elegant. The duo is $23.00, which for such a high quality product, is incredibly low. I definitely recommend trying out the duo or any Anastasia Brows products for that matter. 


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