Hello loves,

As Christmas is just days away, I’ve been pulling out the last of the decorations, clothes, accessories, etc that bring a festive spirit. Some little things I especially like are gold nail polish, fun earrings and a red lip. I think all three of these are extremely festive and very easy to get a hold of.

OPI Nail Polish in Goldeneye

This nail polish is one of the best gold polishes I have every put of my nails. One coat can be a sparkly top coat over another color but just two is completely opaque. It was part of the 2012 Skyfall Holiday Collection so I’m not sure if you can buy the exact polish anymore. You can probably find it on eBay or Amazon if you really wanted to. Of course, there are hundreds of different gold nail polishes, and any would be just as festive.

Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain in Red-Dy Or Not

I’m not a massive red lipstick wearer because it often doesn’t suit me but I really like this color. It’s darker but not too vampy and the formula is really nice. It’s not matte but also not shimmery and I found it stays on really well. I wouldn’t recommend eating in it, but then again, I wouldn’t recommend eating with many other red lipsticks on. The brand is pretty cheap which is good if you’re not looking to roll out a lot of cash for a lipstick and it can be found in pretty much any drugstore. I think that a red lip will really tie together an outfit and can make it very festive at this time of year. 

Kate Spade Red Bow Earrings

Lastly, one of my favorite festive things are my Kate Spade earrings that look like the bows on top of presents. I was given these as a gift and I absolutely adore them. I think festive earrings are great because they’re not over the top but they still give off a little festive spirit. 

What are some of your festive bits and bobs?


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