Hello loves,

Contouring, a staple in many people makeup routine. When I was in Sephora a couple weeks ago, I was looking to pick up a contour palette. There are so many different options, but this one caught my eye. It’s a pretty new release, I’d say within the last couple months but I haven’t really seen any reviews on it. This sparked an interest so I decided to pick it up.

It consists of six shades: 1 Highlight, 2 Correct, 3&4 Contour, 5 Accentuate and 6 Glow.
Highlight- a light shimmer pink highlight color
Correct- A yellow based powder concealer
Contour- Light and dark brown shades
Accentuate- A darker mauve colored blush
Glow- A pure white shimmer

Left to Right- (5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 6)

I like the palette as a whole, while I don’t use number 4 because it’s to dark of a color for me, it looks really nice on people who have a darker skin tone, (just call me Casper the Ghost, I’m so pale). The palette is $45 which is reasonable seeing as Tarte is such an amazing brand. If you’re just getting into contouring this palette is really good because powders are a lot easier to work with in comparison to creams. 

What is your favorite contour product?


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