Hello loves,

I’ve done one of posts before and I thought it was time for an update because that was about a year ago. My bag is black, fake leather, with gold hardware. It’s got two small handles and then a long cross body strap. The interior is black and white stripe fabric with a few pockets but it’s mainly just a ‘chuck stuff in and go’ bag.  

While I’m not a massive over packer, I’m not someone who just carries their keys, wallet and phone. I’ve excluded said keys, wallet and phone from the pictures because I thought they were kind of obvious. Anyway, the stuff I carry with me is:

  • Notebook + Pen- For all those little ideas and blog post planning
  • Nail File- Because I’m constantly ruining my nails
  • Hand Lotion- I get super dry hands and this is often a life saver
  • Hair Stuff- I’ve got long hair and it’s super annoying
  • Lip Balm- I seem to always have chapped or dry lips
  • Pocket Mirror- I hate using my phone as a mirror
  • Travel Mascara- The one makeup product I never leave the house without
  • Hand Sanitizer- I’m not a germaphobe but still.. some things are nasty
  • Portable Changer- Because my phone is forever running out of battery
  • Gum- Who doesn’t want minty fresh breath?
  • Sunglasses- Sunlight really bothers my eyes, so I always have a pair with me
  • Pads- I’m female, what did you expect?
  • TINY SUPER COOL SURVIVAL KIT- It’s got everything from floss, to a needle and thread to double sided tape. I love it and I think it’s a must have for all girls. 

What do you carry in your bag?


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