Hello loves,

I was in New York for a day trip last week and I thought I’d share the outfit I wore. I was so happy I wore this because itwas practical but cute at the same time. It was chilly when we left for New York and it was windy and rainy when we arrived. I was very happy to have a jacket and hat, (which I didn’t include in the pictures). But as the day went on, the weather cleared up and it got a lot warmer. I was able to take off my jacket and just have the tank top I had on underneath. It was perfect!

I really like this outfit, the light layers were perfect for the weather, my jeans were super comfortable and my converse held up great even after all the walking we did. I didn’t have any foot pain and I wasn’t uncomfortable at all! 

The Jacket- This jacket is probably going to be a spring staple for me. It’s a dark green military style jacket with dark gold embellishments. It’s oversized, (I bought a large) which I like a lot more than if it was fitted. Forever 21, $44?

The Tank Top- My tank top is a black strapy number and is very loose. It’s got two layers, one sheer underneath an opaque one. It also has a very low back. H&M, $12.95 about two years ago. 

The Jeans- My jeans are light denim wash with rips in them. Theyre super comfortable and stretchy which is always a plus in jeans. American Eagle, $49.50

The Shoes- My regular old white converse that have been in almost every fashion post:)

There will be a part two of this post going up soon with pictures and a few more details of my trip to New York. 


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