As the summer heat grows to the point where it feels like I’m currently sitting in an oven on the sun, I begin to lose my motivation to ever look like a presentable human being. The thought of having to exert the energy to look cute and actually wear something designed for neither the gym nor the pool makes me so sad.  

           When it comes to the summer months, I can be found in a pair of running shorts and a bathing suit top. If I have to leave the sanctuary of my backyard and brave the world of other people, the bathing suit top becomes a large t-shirt. No thought for style, the only thing that matters is being comfortable, both physically and temperature wise. Of course when it comes down to having to find something appropriate for going out with friends or going to dinner, my running shirts let me down and I’m at a complete loss. I’ve created severn outfits that I think would be great replacements for my running shorts. Enjoy!


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