Hello loves,

I’m currently re-doing my room and going through the process of a gigantic clear out so I’m in the market for some new home bits. I was wandering around Target and I came across their home goods section. Now I think that Target does some really good little accessories and trinkets for the home. A lot of their merchandise is grey, gold, white and black, which are basically the colors of my new room. Perfect!

The first couple of things I purchased aren’t actually home goods…oops. I bought these three sets of cards and thought they were just to cute not to include in this post. There’s 8 cards and envelopes in each pack, which I think is a fair number seeing as they were only $1 each. Gotta love that Target dollar section. All the stationary in it is so ridiculously cute and it’s all in the price range of $1-$3. They have a few different designs which are all very summery. Love em!

The next couple of things I got were a candle and a little plant. Let me just say that this candle smells sooo good. It’s such a fresh scent but it has a little bit of floral mixed in. I’m not a fan of any super sweet smells because they tend to give me a headache but this candle is perfect! It’s not that sickly kind of smell that usually comes with floral candles which is great! The plant is fake because I’ve found that my green thumb is actually a black thumb, therefore I kill plants left and right which is  super annoying. I love plants, I love having green around my house because I think it brings a lot of happiness to my life. It’s just plants don’t really like me. Anyways, fake plants are perfect for me, they give me a little bit of green without having actually keep it alive. The fake plant, which I would probably classify as a succulent, is potted in a white ceramic pot in kind of a geometric shape. It’s super cute and I think it will go perfectly somewhere in my room. 

The last two things I picked up were this rectangular trinket try and little wooden elephant figurine. The trinket tray has metallic gold lining around the edges and there are small black lines in rows down the entire tray. The little elephant, who I’ve named Charles, is carved out of some kind of wood and it has a really pretty red-brown finish. I think he’s such a cute little piece that I can put on one of my trinket shelfs. 

What are some of your favorite little bits in your home?


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