Hello loves, 

I ventured to the deep south this week and let me tell you, it’s downright gorgeous. Savannah, Georgia is home to one of the colleges I’m looking at applying to so my mom and I took a few days to go visit the town and walk around the campus.

Savannah is a very old city and it still has many of the original buildings still intact, which can be very rare here in America. The style of architecture is absolutely beautiful, there are so many details on the buildings, it really sets them apart from any other buildings I’ve ever seen. Another amazing thing about Savannah is the trees. Savannah is known for it’s Spanish Moss tree’s which basically look like trees with tuffs of grey long hair. They offer so much shade which can be a lifesaver in the Georgia heat. It was constantly 95 degrees everyday I was here (this is apparently cool for July) with more humidity than I ever though was possible. As some of you know, I have curly hair and with curly hair comes frizz. Frizz + humidity = my ability to possibly pass as a poodle rather than a human being. My hair basically was in various types of buns throughout the entirety of the trip. Does anyone have a good product to control/reduce frizz for people with curl hair? If I choose to move to Savannah, I’m definitely going to have to find something!

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I really wanted to share as much of it as I could with you all. Enjoy!


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