I am not a morning person. If I have to be up at a certain time, I have to set multiple alarms and I snooze through all of them. This often reduces my getting ready time by a huge amount. When I’m rushed to get ready, I don’t really try any new products or take the time to experiment. I basically just slap some basics on my face and am out the door. My basics need to be products that I can count on to make me look slightly less like a zombie (which can be a difficult task). When I was putting together my list, I had originally included my Bible products as I call them. They are products that I use everyday and have repurchased many times and basically can not live without. I decided to scratch all of those off my list and focus on my newer products that are either becoming a part of my beauty bible or I’m hoping that they will. 

The first product I’ve chosen is the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I’m someone who is always ridiculously late to the bandwagon and a little wary of cult beauty products. If this isn’t a cult product, I don’t know what is. Everyone and their mother has this bronzer and they’ve raved about it forever. I, of course, being behind the times only just recently decided to try it out. Best decision ever. This is genuinely the perfect basic bronzer. It’s completely matte, it’s a perfect warm brown and its’ longevity is incredible.
The next product is also highly raved about. It’s the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and it’s the best liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used. For one, it literally does stay all day. I’ve put this on in the mornings before school and it actually survives the full day plus two to three hours of athletic practice after that. Not only does it survive it, it looks exactly the same. I didn’t even know that was possible, but Stila accomplished it. Thank god!
My third basic product is the Urban Decay Beauty With an Edge Eyeshadow in Half-baked. Please excuse the dent in the shadow, I dropped it and in an attempt to save it, my fingernail dug a hole into it. I actually shed a couple tears when that happened because it was brand new and looked so pristine. Dang it. This is my favorite all over lid color. It’s a perfect gold shimmer which I find can be mixed and paired with tons of other shades to create your desired look. It’s also great for just a simple one eyeshadow look. The formula is so buttery and the color payoff is out of this world. Love it!
The next basic product is the NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner in Cannes. Most people are familiar with the Matte Lip Cream in Cannes and I was going to pick that up when I noticed the same color but in the pencil form. I prefer to wear lip pencils all over my lips because they feel almost weightless but still give a lot of color. Lip pencils are great because they’re super fast and easy to use. I mean it’s basically just coloring in your lips. If you’ve never used or swatched Cannes before, I recommend it. It’s a lovely dusty pinky-red which goes great with so many different makeup looks. It’s very quickly become my go to lip color.
Lastly, my most recent product is the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil. I bought this because I find filling in eyebrows with a pencil so much easier and faster than using a powder. When I pressed for time, it’s so much quicker to just whip out a pencil and fill in the sparse parts where as I almost always have to go slow and careful with a powder. My last eyebrow pencil was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil and I adored it. It was super easy to use and my brows always looked great. I’ve been using this pencil for the last two weeks and I’m honestly not to sure about it. But I honestly could be using it wrong. The tip is different to anything I usually use so I’m not 100% sure what to do with it or how to use it most effectively. Any tips? I really want to like it, I just feel like I’m doing something wrong.

Top to Bottom- Eyeliner, Goof Proof Brows, Cannes, Half-baked, Hoola

What are some of your go to basic products?


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