Here I was, so excited for Autumn, buying boots and looking at scarves and then mother nature decides to rain on my parade. By rain I mean sun and by sun I mean it literally feels like we’re living on the sun now. She’s such a little tease. Let’s be honest though, once September starts, I’m wearing jeans no matter how hot it is outside. Anyway, back to the actual purpose of this post, shoes! I love shoes way more than should be legally allowed. In the summer I get a bit lazy with my shoe selection because it’s just so much easier to throw on a pair of flip-flops or my converse. But come autumn and winter, I’m much more adventurous. I usually gravitate towards boots because I know they’ll be great in the chilly months but recently I’ve started to look at more flats and sneakers because they’re more appropriate for the early autumn months. 

The first pair of shoes I purchased is from the brand Franco Sarto. They’re a nude suede which feels so soft, it’s actually incredible. They have a pointed toe box and a sling back heel, which I thought was going to be really uncomfortable but have been happily surprised that it’s not. They also have the lace up detail that has been extremely popular in the fashion world for about the last six to eight months. They did have this same shoe is black but seeing as I already have a pair of black lace up sandals, I felt like I should go for something new. I have already worn these (and posted a picture here) and I feel like they really compliment a lot of different outfits. They’re also very comfortable. I spent a lot of the day walking around and shopping when I wore these for the first time and I didn’t have any massive problems. They rubbed a little but what new shoes don’t do that the first couple times?

The next pair of shoes I got are from Steve Madden. I love slip on shoes because they’re so casual and easy to wear. I spotted these and decided I had to get them. I love the holy detailing on the top, it’s really subtle and it can’t been seen unless you’re pretty close to the shoe. I think these shoes will be perfect for the start of school because they’ll be easy to pair with jeans and a t-shirt. I’m not someone who dressed up for school, I tend to just throw on something really simple and I feel like these shoes fit that description. I also don’t have anything like these so I feel like it was a very good adventurous purchase. 

Boots, boots, boots! I can’t even begin to express how much I love boots. Short, tall, brown, black, flat or heeled, I want them all. Lately I’ve really been loving that sort of boho, southwestern vibe. I think the outfits that fall under that description are so cute and probably part of what I”ll be wearing during the autumn months. The boots are from the brand Me Too, a brand I’ve never tried or even heard of actually. The boots are a dark brown with undertones of green, which I feel like is a super unique color. I hadn’t ever really seen shoes in this color so they instantly intrigued me. They have a really cool geometric cut out at the top and white stitching details around the edges. I think these will look quite cool with some jeans, a chunky sweater and an oversized scarf.

The last pair of shoes I purchased were from the brand White Mountain. White Mountain is probably one of my favorite brands for shoes, they’re always so comfortable and the quality of the actual shoe is amazing! These shoes were actually the main purpose behind my shopping trip. I was looking for a pair of flatter short black boots because all the black boots I have have a heel and I just wanted something a bit more casual. They have a slight pointed toe but not a full triangular look which I like a lot. They also have an elastic section at the top which is amazing because it makes the shoes so much easier to get on but all keep the very slim fit and look of the shoe. These are probably my favorite purchase, I think I will get a lot of use out of them this winter!

What are some of your go to autumn and winter shoes?


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