I’ve been lusting over MAC products since I entered the world of blogging but never took the plunge and actually bought anything. I can’t really tell you why I was so hesitant to purchase anything of theirs (fear of unknown?) but I definitely stayed away for a long time. That all changed a few days ago. I was having an absolute horrible day. I felt like crap physically (thank you cramps), mentally (thank you anxiety) and emotionally (thank you hormones). I was wandering around trying to do some productive shopping but everything looked wrong or felt wrong or just was plain old wrong. Nothing was working. I was about to give up when my mom suggested that we go into Macy’s and look at their gigantic shoe department. Shoes, one thing that can almost always make me feel happy, did absolutely nothing for my horrid mood. I quickly moved past them, much to the shock of my mother, and began to browse the beauty counters. I came across the MAC counter and just thought screw it, I’m buying something. I had done a fair bit of research just in case I decided to suck it up and try something so I had a little list of things to swatch in my bag. After about 20 minutes, an arm completely covered in various swatches and and a very ticked off sales woman, I decided what I was going to buy. 

I picked up three eyeshadows, all of which, I’m completely obsessed with. They’re ridiculously pigmented and the color payoff is truly incredible. I was really happy to be purchasing individual shadows instead of my usual palettes. I feel like I’m able to get a wider range of shades, with more unique colors. I went for three shades that are widely known in the beauty world, so to many of you, they’re old news. I wanted to pick up shades that I knew were universally loved, partially to see what the hype was about and partially to make sure that I really got my money’s worth out of these purchases. The three eyeshadows I purchased are Antiqued, Woodwinked and Sable. They’re three very different shades and I’m in love with all of them!

Woodwinked, which is described on the MAC website as a warm antique gold, is one of the Veluxe Pearl shadows. I really love darker golds so when I swatched this one, I was sold instantly. Antiqued, described as an ash brown with bronze, is also one of the Deluxe Pearl shadows. I would say Antiqued is more of a chestnut brown with bronze because it a pretty red/brown color. I don’t think it really falls under the category of ashy. Sable, described as a gold plum with bronze pearl, is one of the Frost eyeshadows. This is probably my favorite shade that I picked up. I usually use it in my crease but I have to make sure to have a very light hand since it’s so pigmented. 

Right to Left: Antiqued, Woodwinked, Sable

In all, I’m so happy that I made the foray into MAC. I feel like a whole new world of cosmetics has been opened to me and I can’t wait to pick up more of their products. 

What are some of the products you’d suggest?


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