As the temperature continues to sky rocket, my laziness reaches it peak point. I have lists and lists of tasks that need to be done but I just can’t bring myself to do them. Now they’re not the super important things like buy food or do things for work/school, they’re the tedious little tasks that you really should do but your life won’t be greatly effected if you don’t. Everyone has these tasks, and so I thought maybe if I shared mine. I’d be more apt to do them and in turn, provide a little push for any of you to do yours.

1. Clean Makeup Brushes
This is about as tedious of a task as them come. As much as I love having nice clean brushes, the actual task of cleaning them is something I’ve been putting off for ages. I have a fair amount of brushes so washing them takes a ridiculously long amount of time but I keep telling myself that I’m going to make the time to do it.
2. Sort Out Email
I’ve been putting this one off forever. I read the really important emails but when it comes to deleting and organizing the other emails, I”m not so proficient. Those emails start to pile up and soon, there’s a mountain in my inbox. This can be super dangerous because there is always the possibility that I miss an important email, but of course I do it anyway. My inbox is usually filled with emails from colleges and other junk mail so whenever I see something from an actual person, I make sure to open it and flag it so it doesn’t go unread.

3. Clean Out Closet

As the seasons transition from summer to fall, I move a fair amount of my summer clothes into storage so to make room for any new fall/winter clothing. I try to clean out my closet twice a year because I find that if I don’t, it looks like there was an explosion of clothes. While I’m not quite to the level of a capsule wardrobe and I don’t think I ever will be, I do try to minimize the amount of clothing I own whenever I feel it’s necessary. 

4.Paint Nails

I simply don’t have the patience to do my nails. The painting part is fine but drying is the biggest pain in the world. Sitting still is hard enough for me, but asking me to sit still and not touch anything or use my hands is downright impossible. I always paint them and then end up using my hands and messing up the polish. Once their painted, I leave the polish on until it all chips off, which isn’t the nicest look. I’ve had a polish sitting on my bedside table for the last week, maybe soon I’ll actually use it.

5. Unpack Boxes

I recently painted my room and to do so, I had to pack up all my stuff and put it into boxes. I moved pretty much everything into the basement and have slowly been unpacking over the past month. By slowly I mean at the pace of a snail. I’ve basically only moved the things that I need and the things that were taking up too much space downstairs. Everything else needs to be unpacked but there so much stuff, I don’t even know where to begin. Plus without all that stuff in my room, it’s so clean and tidy.

6. Declutter

This ties in well with number 5 because everything that’s in those boxes needs to sorted. I have acquired a lot of bits and pieces over the years which I don’t necessarily have the space for or really need anymore. Once I actually unpack the boxes, I’ll have to decide what’s going to stay and what’s going to go.

7. Fold Laundry

Does anyone else have that chair that they have a literal mountain of clothes sitting on? Because I do. Actually I have more than one of those chairs, oops… The laundry gets done but once everything is washed, I tend to throw things onto the chair and move on with my life. I really need to make a dent on the pile and start putting it away. 

8.Update Software

I never update the software on my phone or my computer. I always get the little notifications and I always select the update later option. This little cycle has been going on for as long as I can remember there being updates. For some reason, the only time I feel an update is necessary is when it really changes up the way a device operates. I know that I should update it more often because there are a lot of bugs and kinks in the system that these updates smooth out. 

9. Read Up on SEO

SEO is a large part of blogging and it’s not really something I understand too well. I’ve read a bunch of posts abut SEO and how to maximize it but I think I need to do even more research before I completely.

10.Cleaning Out My Makeup Stash

Not only is this a tedious process but it’s a sad one too. I started wearing makeup at the age of 10 but that was all stage makeup. My actual everyday makeup stash started when I was about 14. It’s been slowly building up over the years but I know it needs to be cleared out about every year. It’s good hygiene to go through and clear out all old makeup, it’s just kind of a boring job.

What are some your your tedious tasks?


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