Now I’m not going to lie to you, I’m beyond excited for autumn. Sure summer is great with its warm weather and sunny days, but I can’t wait for the days when the leaves start to change colors and the temperature drops. I love colder weather, it gives me the chance to wear layer upon layer and the ability to wear dark colored clothing without sweating buckets. Dressing for autumn is easy, dressing for summer is easy, dressing for that awkward transitional season between summer and autumn is ridiculously hard. First it’s too hot, then it’s too cold, first it’s sunny, then there’s a hurricane. You just can’t win! I thought I’d create a list of some of the types of clothes I wear during the weird transitional season. 

Jackets: Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s a billion degrees outside why on earth would I want to even think about putting on a jacket. Well during this transitional season, the mornings tend to get a bit chilly but we’re back up to smoldering temperatures by noon. I’m someone who gets cold easily (which is ironic because I’ve been ice skating since I would walk) so having a jacket with me is almost always a necessity. The bomber and the jean jacket shown above are just two examples of the type of jacket I would go for. They’re pretty lightweight and can still be styled with summery clothes. I love the detail on the back of the jean jacket. I think it’s a great statement piece that would go very well with a super simple outfit.

Dresses: I basically live in dresses during the warm months and this transitional period is no different. T-shirt dresses are my oxygen, I don’t really ever wear any other kind of dresses. I feel like during the transitional season, dresses are key. They offer the ability to layer on a jacket but still have your legs free and cool. The pinafore dress is great because you could layer a long sleeve under it and pair it with some boots on the chillier days. 

Tops: Short sleeves, tank tops and anything cropped are what I look for. They’re all great for layering and usually made of very breathable fabric. I’m sure you’ve noticed that most everything on here is monochromatic. That’s because once we get even a hint of cooler weather, I’m literally living in all dark colors with a few hints of white. 

Pants: Jeans, jeans, jeans. I love jeans. Especially ripped jeans. And boyfriend jeans. And black jeans. All the jeans. Once it get’s a little bit cooler, I love to wear jeans. The two pairs I’ve selected are ripped boyfriend jeans and ripped black skinny jeans. I like to roll up my jeans and then pair it with a simple t-shirt or a tank top. Super casual and perfect for the super weird weather. 

Shoes: Probably my favorite part of any outfit is shoes. There just so many different kinds of shoes and let’s be real, I want them all. During the transitional season, I like to start moving to my boots. Granted they’re all short boots, but they’re still boots. I also tend to wear flats and sneaker. The tie-up flats have been a huge trend for the last six months and I think it will carry on for a little longer.
There are about a thousand different pieces of clothing I would have liked to include in this post but alas, I didn’t have the space. Oh, well. Anyway, I’m super excited for the upcoming change in season and everyones change in style.
What are some of your transitional season essentials?


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