Essie recently released their new collection Gel Couture which is at home gel nail polishes without the need for UV light. I’ve tried the Sally Hansen at home gels and they were great and all but Essie has blown those out of the water. I’ve always been a huge lover of Essie polishes, the color range and quality is incredible, especially for the price. When I heard that Essie was releasing this gel line, I was so excited. I’m in a very cold environment for at least 5 to 6 hours everyday and it really effects the health of my nails. The cold makes my nails super brittle and it makes polish chip like no one’s business. This is super annoying and a large part of why I’m so lazy when it comes to doing my nails. I just figure if it’s going to chip off in a few days, what the point? One of the things Essie gels claim to be is chip free for 14 days. Hearing this, I was excited at the prospect but also incredibly suspicious. Chip free for 14 days is a big promise to make and if Essie actually pulled this off, I was going to be ecstatic. I had seen multiple reviews and I finally decided I had to try at least one polish. 

I was able to get my hands on Touch Up, an absolutely gorgeous soft mauve. It looks quite purple in the photos but it’s actually a lot more pink in real life. I’m obsessed with this color, I’ll definitely be reapplying very soon. I’ve had my polish on for about a week now and I can already say I’m very impressed. My nail polish hasn’t chipped at all, which is basically unheard of in my life. Usually by day three, my nails are a mess but with this polish, they’re completely intact. 

The actual product itself is a definite must have. The bottle is gorgeous, I love the new design and the brush is so easy to use. It is very wide which makes getting the perfect nail shape so easy. The polish applied very opaquely so I only used three thin coats. The setting top coat had the same brush so again, super easy to use. All in all, I love this polish and I can’t wait to pick up other shades!

Have you tried any of the Essie Gels?


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