The time is upon us and school has started up once again. To many, myself included, this is a very stressful time. Whether it be nerves, general anxiety, or a legitimate phobia of going back to school, no one really enjoys it. There are certain positive aspects sure, but they often get diminished by the boat load of negatives. I try to be ridiculously prepared for school before it begins. I get the supplies that I can, I plan outfits, I write lists of things to remember and I check and double check assignments that are due the first day. I find that this helps relieve some of the stress and it makes my first day back slightly more enjoyable. Well my first day has come and gone, and to be honest, it was mediocre. Nothing to write home about, I promise. 

Now this post is a wee bit late, but I think it’s still got a little bit of value to it. I tend to buy things for school over an extended period of time, so I’m still buying things now. These are some of my favorites that I picked up this year. 

Zara V-Neck Tee: I’m going to be very frank with you, out of everything I purchased lately, this is my favorite item. This t-shirt is so incredibly soft, it’s actually unreal. It’s a pretty low v-neck but not so low that’s it’s not decent. I think this is the perfect top to throw on for just an everyday need. I’ve been pairing this with jeans, leggings and shorts. You could also wear this tucked into a skirt with a little cardigan, because it is so versatile! I’m definitely going to have to venture back to Zara and pick up this same shirt in as many other colors as they have. 

Zara Jeans: Jean shopping has always been an arduous task for me because I have quite long legs but I am also a very small person. This makes finding jeans that are long enough but also small enough a difficult task. I don’t usually have the opportunity to go to Zara since there isn’t one very close to me, but I had already done the drive out to the mall that has Zara for another purpose so I thought why not. I picked up two styles of jeans, cigarette and boyfriend. All of my jeans are skinny jeans, partially because I was a little self conscious about wearing baggy jeans and partially because I hadn’t found any that I really liked.  I’d heard everyone rave about Zara jeans and in the rare occasions that I went into the store, I loved so many of the pairs I saw. These two were definitely my favorite, I think the baggier jeans are going to be great all year around.

Colored and Black Pens: Pens, pens, pen. I love using pens, especially pens that are different colors because they’re great for organizing notes. I love to color code my school work and I find that bright, multi-colored pens are the best way to go. As for my everyday black pens, I’ve finally found some that I adore. They write incredibly smoothly and have the thinnest tip which is perfect for non smudgy notes. 

Benefit Roller Lash: There are some days when I honestly just can’t be bothered to put any makeup on my face in the morning. This usually happens around midterms and then on for the rest of the year.  Once I sort of wake up and make my brain function, which is usually around 10 am, I’ll reach for the Roller Lash to give my lashes a little bit of oomph. It’s the perfect natural looking mascara but still gives a little bit something extra. 

Extra Gum: Nothing creates a group of people like someone with a gum packet. It’s like seagulls, flocking to a french fry. 

Kate Spade Agenda: As a person who needs extreme organization to get basically anything done, planners and agendas are a must. I love Kate Spade products, they’re always so cute. I had seen this agenda, and other versions around before but since my schools have always provided me with a agenda for school, I’ve never purchased one. This year, I decide that I wanted an agenda not just for school, but for my day to day life. I did some research and ended up choosing to try this one. It’s the medium size, with the floral print and gold binding spiral ring. I’m completely in love with this agenda and hopefully it will help keep me organized this year.

What were or are some of your start of school must haves?


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