With autumn comes cloudy skies and drizzly days. I, for one, am very excited for these days because I love cold, stormy days. There’s something so cozy about a winter rain and snuggling up in a blanket with some Netflix or a good book. Unfortunately we’re not quite to prime snuggle time yet, it’s still a bit too warm. Right now we’re having this weird kind of warm, kind of cold, intermittent drizzle that’s basically just getting everyone damp and ruining my hair. Not very fun. Because of this weather, and the knowledge that there is a lot more to come, I decided to finally bite the bullet and buy a rain jacket. 

I’m usually an umbrella kind of girl because it’s never super windy but I was walking around Topshop and I spotted this rain jacket and knew I had to have it. My mom even said we had to get it, no questions asked. I’m aware that this jacket has been out for a while but with the US getting all of imports from overseas brands so much later then they are actually released, it’s pretty new to US stores.
It’s the perfect rain jacket because it’s not to light-weight but it’s also not to heavy. This makes it very seasonally versatile. I can wear it in the spring with some rolled up jeans, summer with shorts or dresses, autumn with a t-shirt and leggings or winter with a sweater and a scarf. I love the brightness of the yellow, it’s truly an in your face, can’t miss me if you tried, color that brightens up a gloomy day. What really sold me was the blue and white pinstripe detailing on the inside. I love rolling the sleeves up, so a little bit pokes through. Practical and cute, perfect!

I’m on the lookout for a good autumn/winter coat, any suggestions?


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