Everyone has their holy grail products. Products that you use everyday and trust with every fiber of your being. The Simple Micellar Water has become one of my most used and loved products. I’ve mentioned it before in a skincare post (here) but I thought it warranted a little bit more in depth of a post. 

Before I started using this micellar water, I would wash my face with Dove soap and water in the morning and remove my makeup with makeup wipes in the evening. The makeup wipes were quite harsh on my skin and ended up creating acne and general skin problems. I knew I needed to switch to something else but I wasn’t sure what. I started to hear about Simple Skincare and how their products catered to people looking for something sensitive on their skin. I kept an eye out for the brand and eventually found it in a store near me. They didn’t have a lot of their products but they did have the micellar water. I had heard so many people rave about micellar waters so I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve been using this products for over a year and I still love it. I use it to cleanse my face in the morning and to remove all my makeup in the evening. I’ve found it to be super gentle on my skin and it’s definitely helped with my skin problems. It makes my face feel super fresh and clean which is a great way to start and end the day. 

To apply the product, I use large cotton pads that I fully wet with the water. I then smooth it all over my face, making sure I get in my curves of my nose and any other places prone to excessive oil. Since it’s such a light weight product, it’s great to layer other skin care over. Another reason why I really like this product is because it’s great at removing eye makeup. I use this to take everything off, and I’ve never had a problem getting mascara or eyeliner off. I also find that one large cotton pad worth of product is enough for my entire face. It’s very rare that I need to use two cotton pads. 

Since I’m basically obsessed with this product and I’ve had such a good experience with it, I can’t wait to try out more Simple products. 

Have you tried any Simple Skincare products? Do you have any recommendations?


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