Even though it’s officially autumn, Mother Nature still hasn’t gotten the memo. It’s been in the mid 80’s for the past week and half, and I’m not going to lie, as a lover of the cold, I’m a little annoyed. I’ve been buying all these cute little autumn/winter pieces and I can’t wear them because I’d die of heatstroke. 

Anywho, seeing as I can’t control the weather (totally wish I could) I’ve decided to embrace this weird warm fall. It’s basically just consisted of me wearing a heck a lot of t-shirts, jeans and scarves. Now if you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll know that I’m an avid lover of big blanket scarves. Last winter I did a post of my favorite flannel blanket scarves (here) and while I still have and love all those scarves, I’ve decided this year to branch out into other colors and patterns. 

Starting from head to toe, sunglasses are from Forever 21 and have been featured in some of my past posts (here and here). These are probably my favorite pair of sunglasses that I’ve ever owned. I love the fact that they’re a little 60’s inspired, but also still have the elements of sunglasses that are really popular now. They’re dark brown with redish-brown flecks. They were super cheap and I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of them, I pretty much wear them everyday. Next is my scarf which is from Zara. I saw this in the store when I popped in just to grab the t-shirt I’m also wearing in these photos and completely fell in love with it. I originally saw it in dark brown and loved the details so much that I decided I had to buy it even though I didn’t love the color. Luck was on my side though because as I was going to check out I spotted the same scarf but in black and I was so overly excited I had to take a moment to calm down. You can’t really see but the little white specks on the scar are actually in the form of messy stars, which I absolutely love. On to pants, my jeans are also from Forever 21. I’m pretty sure that these are meant to be knock offs of the Topshop Joni Jeans but I haven’t had the opportunity to try the Topshop ones out and compare them. Lastly are my shoes which are Steve Madden but I actually purchased them at TJ Maxx (can you say bargain!) A little closer of a look at these shoes appeared in my Autumnal Shoe Haul. I love these shoes, they’re super comfy and easy to wear. Slip on, slip off, no fuss. What’s not to love?!

I hope you all enjoyed my little OOTD! I don’t usually do these kinds of posts, mostly because any of my free home time I spend in leggings and a sweatshirt but it was fun to change things up. Let me know if you’d like to see things like this more often!


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