I have never really been a user of foundation. I have a few but I often can’t be bothered to put on the primer and then the foundation and blend out the foundation, etc. I’m also not really a fan of having a ton of makeup on my face, I’m usually going to practice or running around working so the thought of having a full face of foundation on and then just sweating it off seems unnecessary to me. I tend to just put concealer over my trouble areas and that does the job for me.  

Urban Decay is one of the best makeup brands around, in my opinion. From their palettes to their lipsticks to their foundations, they excel is pretty much everything. I’ve tried a variety of their products, some that have been hyped up so much and others that I’ve never heard anyone talk about. The two products that I really wanted to talk about are the Naked Skin Concealer and the 24/7 Concealer Pencil. I’ve used and repurchased both of these products many times and constantly surprises me how different they are.
Naked Skin Concealer– Everyone knows this concealer, pretty much everyone has used this concealer, and pretty much everyone loves this concealer. It’s a liquid cream formula that blends so well. It’s pretty heavy coverage which is great when you’ve got heavy blemish filled areas (me at the moment unfortunately). This concealer is pretty long lasting, but I find that if you wear it for over ten hours, it tends to disappear. I put my concealer on in the morning before school which is about 7 AM and I don’t take it off until 10/11 PM. I consistently notice that around 5 PM, it all starts to disappear. That being said, it does withstand six hours of school, two hours of practice and an hour of work without any problems.
24/7 Concealer Pencil-With so much hype surround the Naked Skin Concealer, I think this one often gets forgotten. Now I will say I don’t think it’s quite as good as the Naked Skin, but let me tell you this one is definitely a contender. It’s a cream to powder formula what I found can be a little bit chalky if you have super dry skin. The coverage that this offers in much higher than the Naked Skin but it doesn’t blend as nicely. I currently have a shade to light so I’ve been using it as a brightener under my eyes. It is definitely long lasting, but I don’t know if it would qualify under 24 hours of coverage. 

Left to Right: 24/7, Naked Skin

Overall, I really like both of these concealers and I usually use them on rotation or together. Lately I’ve been using Naked Skin to cover all my blemishes and 24/7 to brighten under my eyes. I found this combination to work really well!

Have you tried either of these concealers? What did you think?


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