2016 has been the year of expanding my horizons. Whether it be in food, music, clothing or beauty, I pushed myself to try new things. As I’ve mention before, I tend to stick to doing the same thing day in and day out and it gets a bit boring. It’s quite silly because there are so many amazing things out there and by just sticking to what I know, I’m missing out on so much. A couple months ago, I uploaded a post about My Introduction To MAC. I shared my first experience with MAC as well as the first couple of products I picked up. They were all eyeshadows so I was only experiencing one the branches of beauty MAC has to offer. I finally got around to picking up another item and it’s a lipstick!

To say I’m excited about this is an understatement. MAC are known for their lipsticks and rightly so. I picked the shade Velvet Teddy which I know is a beauty world favorite. It’s a deep toned pinky-beige nude that suits my skin tone nicely. It’s a matte lipstick which is just a bonus because who doesn’t like a nice matte lip? I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this lipstick, which is partially the reason I decided to get it. I don’t wear lipsticks on a day to day basis so the ones I do buy are all  shades I really love and know I’ll be able to wear a lot. 

I love everything about this lipstick. I love the color, the packaging, the smell and the feel. Mattes can be quite drying and combining that with my already dry and chapped lips, I’m usually packing on the chapstick every moment I get. I haven’t found this lipstick to be drying at all, in fact it’s one of the most comfortable that I’ve ever worn. I’ll definitely be looking at picking up a couple others. 

As I said before, it is a matte lipstick. In this picture it does look to a bit of shine to it but that’s actually from the chapstick I was wearing. Gotta stay moisturized in these cold winter months. 

What’s your favorite MAC lipstick?


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