One of the great things about the September-December months is beauty companies releasing limited edition products and packages that are worth so much more than they are priced. I was taking my usual peruse through Ulta and I came across these three highlighters from Japonseque. I’ve never tried anything from Japonseque, I’ve never even looked at any of their products. They’ve never really caught my eye but these three little beauties can’t be missed. The whole world of makeup is obsessed with highlighters, an obsession I think is completely justified because who doesn’t want to add a little bit of sparkle to their lives? I’ve never fully ventured into the world of highlighters, I don’t own any of the ABH Glow Kits (sadly) and there’s about 7000 other products everyone raves about that I’ve never tried. I typically don’t think about highlighters when I’m buying makeup, most of my attention os taken by eyeshadows or lipsticks but lately I’ve been trying to expand my horizons and try more products. 

This expansion is the main reason why I stopped and decided to swatch these products and I’m so glad I did because they are gorgeous. As a part of their Christmas gift collection, Japonseque released three highlighters in a gift set. I swatch the first shade and fell in love with the light gold color. I looked at the price thinking that the highlighters were sold separately and was slightly dismayed that one product would cost $34. After a few seconds of moping, I realized that it wasn’t one product for $34, it was three. I quickly swatched the other two shades and was in the checkout line faster than I can say Japonseque. 

The three highlighters have golden undertones, which I really like. The three shades are Champagne Gold (01), Rose Gold (02), and Bronze Gold (03). The range of colors is really nice because I think  that they will suit pretty much every skin tone. I know that personally, I will use all three of them, because even though the second two shades are a little dark, they still look really nice on my paler skin. 

The first shade, Champagne Gold, is the lightest and purest gold of the three. This shade has become my most used lately, and I think it is my favorite of the three. I find a really light dusting of this to be just enough to achieve the really subtle “no this is my natural glow” look. This was the color I had originally wanted to buy and was seriously contemplating purchasing it alone (when I thought it was $34 for one), so you can imagine how happy I was to find out I got more for my money. 

The second shade, Rose Gold (02) is a fair bit darker than the first shade. Since I am quite pale, especially in the winter, I was worried that this shade was going to be much to dark. This was worrisome because this is only the second shade and if this was too dark, the third shade was going to be obscene. Thankfully this shade looks a heck of a lot darker than it actually is. I think it’s a very nice gold with a little bit of copper mixed in. I think this shade would look absolutely incredible with a tan, I’m sure it will be a staple during the summer.  

The last shade is Bronze Gold (03). This shade is definitly a lot darker than the other two, but it’s still so beautiful! If you have pretty tanned skin, I think this shade would be perfect for you because it will really bring out the bronzed tones. I suppose this shade could be used as a bronzer, it’s just a little too shimmery for my taste. I probably will not be using this shade very much, so I will most likely gift it to a friend or family member.

Top to Bottom- Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze Gold

I’m so excited that we are in the time of Christmas edition products, I can’t wait to pick up some more! Any recommendations?


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