As the year draws to an end, it’s pretty common for everyone to start compiling their wishlists. I thought I’d join the party and put together a little list of some of the things I’m currently lusting over. This is also killing to birds with one stone because 1) blog post and 2) if a relative asks what I want for my birthday/christmas, all I have to say is go check out my blog! A little self promo never hurt anyone. 

Zara Basic Leather Jacket: The first thing on my wishlist is this absolutely gorgeous leather jacket from Zara. I’ve been looking for a leather jacket that I really liked and this one definitely fits that description. It is a bit expensive but considering it is real leather, it’s not a bad price. A cheaper alternative is the Leather Effect Jacket which is gorgeous, but of course I prefer the more expensive one. Can’t help the expensive taste, it will be my downfall. I’m quite finicky with clothing so I’ll have to pop by Zara and try these lovelies on.

Fossil Jacqueline Navy Leather Watch: I’ve been looking for a watch for a while and it’s proven to be a difficult task. I have very small wrists so finding a watch that fits and doesn’t look ridiculous is not the easiest. I like the larger watches with leather bands and I found this Fossil watch and thought it was stunning! I love the rose-gold hardware, although I do wish that the band came in black. While the navy is very pretty, I’d rather have a more classic color. Let me know if there are any similar watches I should be on the lookout for! 

Marble Side Table: Two of my favorite things, marble and metallic. I’m moving to college after this year so I’m not sure if this is the most practical thing to have on my list since dorm rooms are so tiny but I love it and I’m determined to make it fit somewhere. I also think it will be great for blog backdrops, because then I can substitute my contact sheet for the marble top in some of the pictures. I unfortunately couldn’t find the link for this exact table but I’ve seen very similar ones at Target. 

ALDO Jeffres Over The Knee Boots: I’m desperate to hope on the over-the-knee boot trend. It seems like everyone in the fashion world has jumped on the wagon, and I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling a little left out. I spotted these boots on the ALDO website and fell in love with them. With Black Friday coming up, I’m going to fight my way to the ALDO store and try these shoes on. Hopefully they’ll fit ok because they’re actually at a reduced price right now, which is quite rare for ALDO shoes. 

Hourglass Ambient Light Edit Surreal Light: A cult beauty product at it’s finest. I’ve been lusting over Hourglass products for the last two years but have never purchased anything. When the first Ambient Light palette came out, I really wanted it but I wasn’t in a position where I could justify buying such expensive products. Now, I’ve gotten a little bit more financially smart so if I really want something this high end, I can save and buy it. Everything about this palette screams perfection to me. I mean come on, it’s got marble packaging! Not to mention that every shade in the palette is absolutely gorgeous and Hourglass has the solid reputation for producing amazing quality products. 

Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette: After receiving the Rose Gold brush sets from Zoeva last year, I’ve basically been obsessed with their products. While they aren’t the most exorbitantly priced, they also aren’t the cheapest. They just released a set of matte liquid lipsticks that are stunning but the set is also $80. That put a little downer on my day when I saw that. Anyway, back to the topic. One of the products that is of a lower price but is said to be amazing quality is the Nude Spectrum Palette. Being a lover of neutrals, this is right up my alley.  The palette has a range of earth tones, with both mattes and shimmers, which is landing it a high place on my wishlist. 

Oversized White Fur Pillow : The final thing on my wishlist is an oversized white fur pillow. I’m already thinking about what my dorm room is going to look like next year and it’s probably going to be very simple. I’m a fan of white and greys, plus they make a room look bigger which is always good. I think that this pillow will not only be a great addition to my room now but it will be easily find a home in my future dorm room. 

Canon EOS Rebel T6i Camera: Without a doubt, this is the top thing on my wishlist. It’s also the most expensive but it’s completely worth it in my view. I’ve been looking at getting a DSLR camera for a while now, partially because I’m most likely going to go to an art school for college. My major is not an art but I am looking at minoring at photography or doing a double major. I also really want to up the quality of my blog photos and the best way to do that is have a more manual camera than I do now. I’ll be wishing on many a star for this camera. 

What is on your wishlist right now?


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