My love for charcoal masks grow every time I use this little beauty…

Doing a face mask is something I will always make time for, no matter how busy my schedule. I love masks, they’e fun to apply, they feel strange once they harden and taking them off is one of the best feelings. The Origins Clear Improvement mask is very near and dear to my heart because it has been on the front line of battling my acne. When I get stressed I tend to break out ― thank you exam season ― and this mask has made all the difference in the world. 

About two to three times a week, I will apply this mask to my trouble zones. I don’t apply it to my whole face because I have concentrated breakout zones and I don’t see the need to waste product in a place that never gets acne. These troublesome areas are usually my T-Zone as well as my chin and the sides of my forehead by my temples. After applying a generous layer to these areas, I let the mask sit anywhere from 10-13 minutes. This is a bit longer than recommend but I find that the places where I have a lot of oil can do with the longer time. To remove the mask, I use a washcloth and warm water. I’m very careful not to scrub at my face but instead to gently wipe away the mask. After removing the mask, I can instantly tell a difference in how my face feels, not only is it super clean but it feels tight and really like there was some deep cleaning going on in my pores. 

I picked up the mini size which was $17, which I think is a great price for the quality of the product. I’ve been using it consistently for about a month and I’ve barely made a dent. It’ll definitely take a while to get through the whole thing. I would 100% recommend this product if you struggle with breakouts or oily skin. It’s very purifying and I notice a huge reduction in the redness of my face and the size of my pores after using this. If you’ve got dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend this product just because it is very strong and it can suck quite a bit of moisture out of your face. 

Have you used any Origins face masks?


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