One of the biggest struggles in the fashion world is figuring out how to take a day time outfit out for the night. It’s tricky, it’s frustrating and sometimes, it’ll just give you a headache. But unfortunately, it can be necessary because as busy women, we are not always granted enough time to go home after a long day of work and pick out an outfit that is suitable for a night on the town. I’ve complied a list of some of my favorite transitional items and how they can be used.

First of all, a nice pair of jeans are your best friend. While they are wildly underestimated, jeans can seamlessly transition from day time to night time. Especially when they’re black. Black anything can go from cool and chic in the AM to dark and mysterious in the PM. A nice pair of jeans can be worn with a button down, boots and a trench coat during the day or a lace top and high heels at night. Whatever the look may be, you’ll never go wrong with a pair of jeans. 

Next, and slightly more difficult, outerwear. This doesn’t transition as easily but one staple that every women should have is a leather jacket. Now a leather jacket isn’t as work friendly but it is something you could keep in your car in case something came up and you needed to change quickly. A leather jacket can make any outfit look cool with minimal effort. It adds a little bit of edge without venturing too far down that path. If you’re not feeling leather or the weather is just a bit too nippy, fake fur has been the center of winter fashion these last couple months. While again it is something you would need to change in to because I wouldn’t recommend wearing one to the office, a fur coat adds elegance (not mention warmth) to an outfit that can be quite hard to accomplish on the spot. 

One of the easiest things that makes the biggest difference is shoes. Changing shoes can change the entire feel of an outfit in just a few seconds. I’m not usually a heels type of person when I’m running around from place to place trying to get work done so I’ll opt for a boot or a sneaker. Something flat-ish and comfy so that I’m not in crippling pain for the whole day. When it comes around to evening, switching into heels is totally justified. Keeping an extra pair of heels either with you or somewhere you can easily access is the perfect way to switch from day to night. 

Bags, bags, bags. I’m of the mindset of investing in a really nice bag and then being able to get a ton of use out of it for a long time. With bags, I 100% believe in quality over quantity. A higher quality bag, even though it has a higher price tag, is almost always a better buy because you will get your moneys worth out of it for an extended period of time, whereas a bag that is lower quality, with a smaller price tag, only gives you your moneys worth for a short period of time. I’m a fan of medium sized bags for this sort of transition. Most evening bags are of the clutch size which is sort of impractical for a day time bag because they fit absolutely nothing in them. Most day time bags are too large to be considered appropriate for evening wear. You’re looking for something that can fit all your essentials plus two to three things extra like makeup, tissues, etc. This is perfect to carry around during the day and a good size for night time. And just like I said before, if it’s black, the transition is even easier. 

Last, but certainly not least is jewelry. When it comes to jewelry in general, I like to keep it quite simple. I have the same mindset that I have with bags in the sense that it’s quality over quantity, and I don’t mind paying more for good quality. I think that buying high quality, very simple jewelry is the way to go because you can wear it all the time, with any outfit, for any occasion. AUrate is a jewelry brand that specializes in high quality, very simple pieces. All of their jewelry is real gold and beautifully made. One piece that would be absolutely perfect for the day to night transition is the Gold Bar Necklace. It’s so beautiful and simple, and I think it will add that little touch that every outfit needs. Along with their necklaces, they have brackets, earrings and rings. If you are looking for some jewelry to invest in that you will get tons of wear out of, I definitely recommend checking their products out!

What are some of your day to night transition pieces?


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