It’s no secret that Urban Decay have done some incredible palettes, their most famous being the Naked series of course. The original Naked palette was my first real eyeshadow palette ever. I distinctly remember buying it because I was so excited. It was basically my first foray into the wonderful world that is the beauty industry. Whenever someone asks me for a makeup recommendation whether they’re a seasoned beauty guru or someone just starting out, I always recommend the Naked palettes. 

Now I know the trio is no more since the Smoky palette was added but let’s just pretend that doesn’t exist for a the next few moments. If you are someone who is just starting out in makeup, getting a hold of a Naked palette is the best move you can make. They provide a range of colors, while not costing an absolute fortune. Plus the shadows are amazing quality, have great pigmentation and blend easily. The packaging and the size of the palette make it great to travel with because it’s not too bulky and has a good sized mirror. Plus it’ll actually save you room in your luggage because you have so many different choices for shadows, you literally can just pack one of these palettes and you won’t need any other eyeshadows. 

The Original Naked Palette:

The original Naked Palette was the start of of something new. It brought a new love for neutral tones to the beauty world, as well as providing one of the best palettes for money in business at the time. If you’re going to buy any palette ever, for you or someone else, this is it. Everything color is incredibly wearable and guess what, they all go together. It’s pretty freaking close to perfect. 

The shades-

Virgin: cool pale beige shimmer

Sin: champagne shimmer

Naked: nude matte

Sidecar: beige shimmer w/silver micro-glitter

Buck: fawn brown matte

Half Baked: golden bronze shimmer

Smog: deep coppery bronze shimmer

Dark Horse: deep mocha shimmer

Toasted: antique copper penny shimmer

Hustle: plum-brown satin

Creep: onyx shimmer w/gold sparkle

Gunmetal: dark metallic gray shimmer w/silver micro-glitter

Naked 2:

Naked 2 is the newest edition to my collection. I received it as a birthday present and it’s actually what inspired me to write this post. I had been wary of buying this palette just because I wasn’t sure it would suit me. They’re more muted tones, and they run on a more taupe and silver scheme instead of gold (which I usually prefer). Silly me for never swatching because this palette is stunning. Granted, it’s a little different from what I’m used to but I’m so happy it’s a part of my collection. This palette also contains my favorite shadow from the original, Half Baked. It’s such a beautiful gold and since I’m way past hitting pan on my original palette, I’m very excited to have a fresh shadow. 

The shades-

Foxy: cream bisque matte

Half Baked: golden bronze shimmer

Bootycall: cork shimmer

Chopper: copper shimmer w/silver micro-glitter

Tease: creamy pale brown matte

Snakebite: dark bronze shimmer

Suspect: pale golden beige shimmer

Pistol: light grayish brown shimmer

Verve: oyster shimmer

YDK: cool bronze shimmer

Busted: deep brown shimmer

Blackout: blackest black matte

Naked 3:

Naked 3 is the pink palette. Basically any shade of pink you could ever want to put on your eyes is in this palette. Now, I’m not going to lie, I bought this palette because it was just too pretty not to have. I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would but it’s still a lovely palette. 

The shades-

Strange: pale neutral pink matte-satin

Dust: pale metallic pink shimmer w/iridescent micro-glitter

Burnout: light pinky-peach satin

Limit: Light dusty rose matte

Buzz: metallic rose shimmer w/silver micro-glitter

Trick: light metallic pinky-copper shimmer w/tonal micro-sparkle

Nooner: medium pinky-brown matte

Liar: medium metallic mauve shimmer

Factory: pinky-brown satin

Mugshot: metallic taupe shimmer w/slight pink shift

Darkside: deep taupe-mauve satin

Darkheart: smoky black matte w/rosy red micro-sparkle

Each of these palettes run at $54, which given the quality as well as the range of types and shades of the shadows. While it’s not the cheapest palette in the business, anyone in this industry can tell you it’s worth the money. 


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