The obsession is ever-growing…

MAC has proven to be one of my favorite brands that I tried in 2016 (no surprise) and I’m very sure they will be a favorite for a long time. Many beauty gurus have a soft spot in their heart for MAC, it’s truly an internationally loved brand. After hmm-ing and ahh-ing for a few months, I decided to take the plunge and start building my own palette. Granted, probably not all of my shadows are going to be from MAC (seeing as I’m not rolling in cash), but since they have such an extensive range, a fair few will be. I’ve always been intrigued by custom palettes, mostly because there are often shades in a regular palette that I never wear. Sometimes this doesn’t bother me, but as I’ve gotten a little older and  saving money has been more of a priority, I think being able to wear all the shades would be ideal.

I purchased five different shadow pans, all of which I think will make lovely additions to my palette. I’m going for a more nude based palette, so none of the shadows I picked up are too crazy, but there is a little pop of color here and there.

All That Glitters- Beige w/gold pearl (Deluxe Pearl)

Amber Lights- Peachy-brown with shimmer (Frost)
Blackberry- Muted burgundy-plum brow (Matte)
Cranberry- Red-plum with pink shimmer (Frost)
Saddle- Golden orange brown (Matte)
 I really like buying these pan refill in comparison to the shadows with the case, they’re just so much cheaper and it’s the exact same shadow.

Top to Bottom- Saddle, Cranberry, Amber Lights, All That Glitters, Blackberry
I had also picked up a few lipsticks over a couple weeks and thought I’d just include them in this post. I don’t wear lipsticks on a day to day basis, just because it’s a bit too much of a hassle for me to deal with at school or work. Maybe next year, I’ll make an effort to wear it more often. Anywho, when I do wear lipstick, I find myself reaching for my Mac ones over any others because they’re such beautiful colors and they last of such a long time. The three I picked up are Mehr, Russian Red and Whirl. I was looking for a real red and I actually preferred Russian Red of Ruby Woo, which surprised me because of the massive amounts of hype around Ruby Woo.
Mehr- Dirty blue pink (Matte)Russian Red- Intense bluish-red (Matte)Whirl- Dirty Rose (Matte)
Top to Bottom- Mehr, Russian Red, Whirl

I’m going to have to ban myself from Mac for a while. I’m very excited to begin the process of building my palette, if you have any suggestions for shadows, let me know! They don’t necessarily have to be Mac, they just have to fit in that palette size. 

What’s your favorite Mac shadow or lipstick?


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