Some days I just don’t have the patience for makeup…

As much as I love the beauty industry and I get a lot of joy out of putting makeup on, there are some days where the idea of putting makeup on is the most time consuming and strenuous task ever. There’s just so much that goes into putting on makeup and sometimes I’m just not up for it. These, my friends, are my lazy, minimal makeup days. Now there’s a difference between my lazy days and no makeup days. No makeup days are when I don’t necessarily have to be anywhere or do anything and I don’t really need to look put together. Lazy days are when I’m mentally lazy but physically, I have to go places, do things and generally give off the appearance of a somewhat put together human being. 

I usually gravitate towards to minimal makeup looks during the summer when it’s hotter than the sun outside and no one has any motivation to do anything except set up camp inside a freezer and try to regain some sort of cooler body temperature. But recently, I’ve been so incredibly busy and stressed, it seems that every spare moment I have that isn’t occupied with reading textbooks, inputting formulas or writing essay after essay, is spent either sleeping, eating, or working this blog (which I absolutely adore doing). Unfortunately, this leaves very little time to actually sit down and properly do my makeup.

I’ve fallen into a bit of a routine with my minimal makeup looks, gravitating to very neutral but pretty products. I think when you’re going minimal, a very glowy and healthy look always looks stunning. 

Base: For my base, I’ve been loving the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow foundation. This foundation is medium coverage but it doesn’t feel cakey at all. I think it actually feels pretty light for the amount of coverage it produces, which is a major plus in my book. I’ll often pair this with my Urban Decay Naked Weightless concealer under my eyes but I’m actually the wrong shade for mine right now so I haven’t been using it. 

Highlight: I’ve been getting more into highlighter as of late (I know, only about a billion years late but I take forever to jump on the bandwagons) and I’ve completely fallen in love with the Becca highlighter in the shade Opal. Becca is a brand that every lover of a good highlight knows and raves about, and now I see why. I can go from a natural, beautiful glow from a glazed donut in a matter of seconds and I absolutely love that. Especially with my more minimal looks, I think slapping on that pretty glow makes me look a lot more alive and my skin, a lot more healthy. 

Brows: My brows and I are often not on good terms. They just never like to conform to the shape I want and they always look messy. I’ve used so many different kinds of products and have gone to many different people to have them done, but nothing has a big effect. The Benefit Gimmie Brow has made dealing with my disastrous brows a heck of a lot easier. It’s super quick, super easy and it’s perfect for a natural brow look. 

Eyes: As my eyes are usually what I spend the most time on when I do my makeup, cutting back on a minimal makeup day saves a lot of time! I’ve been completely obsessed with the the Tartelette In Bloom palette (post). It’s perfect for every look, including those of minimal aspects. I really like to just put on a wash of Funny Girl, which is a champagne-gold, all over my eyelid and I’m all done. If I want a matte look, Flower Child and Smarty Pants go great together. The only other thing I’ll put on my eyes on a minimal makeup day is mascara. I’m sort of a mascara junkie, so my makeup is never complete without it. Lately, I’ve rediscovered Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. I fell in love with this mascara early last year but it slowly fell out of disuse, dried up, and then I forgot to repurchase it. I picked it up again when I was searching for a new mascara and I remembered how much I loved it!

Lips: Lastly, if I’m going to a more made up minimal look, I’ll add some lipstick. If I’m being true to my very minimal makeup look, I’ll usually forgo any lip products (maybe some chapstick if I remember) and go for a completely o-natural look. When I do decide to put on some lipstick, a nude is usually the best way to go in my opinion. My favorite, along with so many other people, is Velvet Teddy by MAC. It’s honestly a universally flattering shade and gives of a bit of a “yes, I tried a little bit but not really” vibe. 

What are some of your minimal makeup products?


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