I’m so over winter…

We didn’t even really get a winter where I live (no snow) so I’m just ready to get on with spring. While I love winter fashion, snuggly scarves and knit sweaters are my oxygen, I’m very excited to bring out the blush pinks, pretty florals and dresses that no longer need tights. I’ve been loving the preemptive spring tends this year, especially since blush pink is a major color. I think it just screams spring. Any way, I was doing a little online browse through Asos and fell in love with so many items, I just had to compile a list and share it with you all. 

Asos has some really great things on their website at the moment, I was very excited. I’m really going to try and stock up on some nice spring and summer clothes because as of September, I’ll be moving to Savannah, Georgia, and it’s pretty warm there all year. I’m more of a fall/winter person, as is my wardrobe so I’m basically starting from scratch. I get super lazy during the warmer months and usually just throw on some jeans/shorts and a v-neck. This year, I’m determined to break that cycle. 

I plan to start pretty simple, with pieces that I know can be worn tons of different ways with tons of different outfits. I need to actually pick up some outerwear, I literally have like two jackets, and I need to reevaluate my shoe collection. It really needs to be sorted and I need to stop buying converse. Seriously, I have way more than I should. Ah the problems of a shoe addict… Let me know some spring appeal that your excited to buy this year, maybe I’ll add it to my list!


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