I don’t think if I’ve ever been so excited about a lipstick…

I did it, I bought my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. Let me tell you, it took every sheer bit of will power to photograph this before I used it. I finally jumped on the wagon and picked up two of Charlotte Tibury’s most coveted lip products, the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in Bitch Perfect and a Lip Cheat lipliner in Pillow Talk. There is so much hype around these two products, so I was incredibly intrigued as well as a tad skeptical, so of course, I checked them out. 

I’ve used the lipstick a couple times and I have to say, it’s truly a perfect nude pink. It’s got a bit of shimmer in it, but not too much to make me look like I stuck a bunch of glitter to my lips. The constancy is incredibly smooth. It’s not a matte, which I have to say I really like because I don’t think it would be a pretty as a matte. The staying power has really nice longevity, it stays for most of the day but does fade a bit with food and drink consumption. That’s generally what happens with non-matte lipsticks though so I’m not terribly torn up about it. 

As I said before, along side the lipstick, I also picked up one of the lip liners. Pillow Talk is one of the most purchased shades for Charlotte Tilbury, and a matte lipstick in the same shade was just released.  Mental note to add it to my shopping list! I like pairing the lip liner with Bitch Perfect, but I’ve also been really enjoying it on it’s own. It gives of a matte effect and it’s a little bit darker of a nude pink than Bitch Perfect. It’s actually quite a unique color, which I think suits just about everyone who tries it. 

I can tell that I’ll be getting a lot of use out of these two products, especially as we move towards spring and summer. They’re both quite understated shades, which is great for everyday wear. While Charlotte Tilbury products are not the cheapest and the lipstick and liner retail at $34 and $22 respectively, I think they’re 100% worth the money. 

What are some of your favorite Charlotte Tilbury products?


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