Bath bombs, body scrubs and bubble bars, oh my!

I took a little adventure to Lush a little while ago, and decided to stock up on some goodies. Because Lush is kind of difficult for me to get to on a regular basis (it’s like 45 minutes away) I don’t get to go a lot but when I do, there are always so many things I want to get and I have to limit myself. While some bits of Lush are quite well priced, others are a bit more on the expensive side, so I have to be careful. I managed not to go too overboard, so both myself and my bank account are happy!

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub || $21.95
Now I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not too keen on the scent of this. I think it’s just kind of strange and it doesn’t fit very well in my nose. Saying that, I’m trying desperately to get used to it because it’s such a nice exfoliator and I find that it’s not too harsh on my skin. About once or twice a week, depending on the state of my skin, I exfoliate my face and I’ve found that this has really helped with my acne problems as well as the general appearance of my skin.
Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb || $6.95
This one is a new personal fave. I actually used it last night, and I’m obsessed with the smell as well as the colors. The description for it’s scent is a citrusy scent of lemon and bergamot. I could definitely smell the lemon, and that’s mostly what sold me because I love the smell of anything lemon. As for the color, I won’t spoil the surprise but as it goes with all simple looking Lush products, don’t be fooled by white exterior.
Frozen Bath Bomb || $8.95
A bath bomb fit for Elsa… Really though, I’m going to have to pick this one up again. It was such a lovely scent, and I loved the colors that it made my water. Another plus was this one has a tiny but if shimmer in it. Not too much where it looks tacky and stains your bath but just enough to give your skin a little bit of a shimmer. I did have to wash down my bath a bit though afterwards, just to get rid of the remains of the glitter.
Intergalactic Bath Bomb || $7.75
A fan favorite on pretty much all accounts. The colors are gorgeous, the scent is perfectly refreshing and it even has a little surprise when it’s dissolving. If you’re going to try any bath bombs from Lush, I 100% recommend this one.
Sunnyside Bubble Bar || $10.95
You’re going to have to rinse down after thing one, I mean I’m talking glitter out the wahzoo. It’s lovely though, it really is. I really like bubble bars because they can be used more than once. It’s like the gift that just keeps on giving! The bar’s blend of orange, tangerine and lemon is the perfect pick me up after a long and trying day. I recommend running a bath, grabbing a huge glass or water (if it was an especially hard day, maybe something a bit stronger) and crumbling this under the running water. Shimmery bubbles really do lift any down day up!

What are some of your favorite Lush products?


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