I had a dream come true.

It’s always been a  dream of mine to go to England. I’ve been fascinated by the culture, architecture and history of England ever since I was little and have been begging for a visit for as long as I can remember. In June, I graduated from high school (still can’t believe it) and my graduation gift from my parents was a trip to Europe! I was beyond ecstatic when I found out and basically didn’t sleep the entire week before because of excitement. There was a little extra surprise waiting for me because not  only were we going on a trip to England, but we were also venturing to Paris for a little bit! 

Bills was definitely one of my favorite places that we ate in England. Such a good Halloumi burger!
Westminster Abbey was breathtaking inside and out.

The Tower of London was so interesting! The tour was one of the best I’ve ever had and it was so much fun to hear the history. Plus seeing the crown jewels in person pretty much changed my life. I’d like to have a tiara…

We did venture outside of London to go to Brighton one day. You hear and see so much about Brighton in the blogging community so I was pretty desperate to visit it myself. It’s such a cute little town! I loved being by the water and all the little fun, beauty accouterments that Brighton had to offer were so sweet. I think my favorite parts of Brighton were probably The Lanes and the Pavilion!

Pebbles and not sand, so strange!

The Pavilion was absolutely stunning!

We spent five days in England and then decided to venture to Paris for another five days. We took the Chunnel to Gare du Nord and stayed near le Quatre Septembre. It was such a sweet and quite part of town but if you just walked a couple blocks in either direction, there was tons of shops and restaurants. We walked to the Louvre one day, but unfortunately that day it was a melting 97 degrees. It wasn’t that enjoyable of journey but once we got there it was definitely worth it! The art was stunning, and just the whole experience was so amazing! 

I’m still in love with Paris’s architecture!

The contrast between the glass triangle and the ornate surrounding buildings was so interesting! I loved the play between old and new. 
Lock Bridge. My heart just melted when I saw this, it’s such a sweet and powerful gesture but it’s also so simple. 

The view from Sacre-Coure was breathtaking. It’s amazing to be able to see the whole city. 

I fell in love with both England and France. I’d love to be able to go back and explore even more. I definitely want to see the English countryside as well as some of coastal France.  Plus there were so many places I didn’t get to visit in London and Paris that I’d love to go to! This has 100% been my favorite trip ever!

What’s the best place you’ve ever been to?


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