Summers where I grew up can be absolutely brutal. 

It’s hot and humid and pretty much miserable from mid-June until early September. We’re currently experiencing temperatures in the high 90’s and low 100’s, so my clothing hasn’t varied much outside the realm of cotton shorts, tank tops and flip flops. Even though I’m always up for dressing down, especially when it’s way too warm, I get a little bored of the same thing day after day.

 So when I a little change, I turn to dresses. I love dresses, they’re comfortable, breezy, and often the perfect solution most any wardrobe crisis. When I found this dress in Primark, I new it was going to be a perfect summer dress! 

The fabric is a super lightweight cotton and it fits with a bit of a low babydoll waistline. The sleeves are elbow length with ruffle detailing. While having these longer sleeve isn’t the most practical in the skin-melting temperatures, since the dress is so breathable and light, everything balances out. Probably my favorite thing about this dress is the embroidery on the front! I love how it’s very simple  but still super pretty! I think that because the dress is so simple, the embroidery is the perfect detail. It adds a little more oomph without overpowering the dress. 

As I mention before, I got this dress from Primark. My mom and I went on a little trip to Europe (it was amazing, but more on that later) and I was so excited to check out the discount store that I had heard so many incredible things about. For my fellow Americans who have never had the pleasure of going to Primark, it’s like clothing section of Target but so, so much better. Definitely gutted that 1. we don’t have them in the US and 2. that they don’t have a website! Oh well, I’ll just have to go back!

Do you have a favorite summer dress?


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