A new chapter in life begs for new home decor.

     To put it quite simply, I’m moving out! Yes, it may be just into a dorm but still! I’m so ridiculously excited to have my new little home and completely ready to be doing my own thing. It’s sort of difficult to fathom that I’m really leaving (and going 600 miles away) but as the big day gets closer, I’m slowly beginning to grasp the reality of the situation. While I’ve done most of my necessary shopping for my room, I’ve refrained from buying to many details because I’m not exactly sure how much space I’m going to have. I’m taking the safer path and just waiting until I get to school and move in to decide how much more stuff I need (and don’t need). I do have a couple bits that I’d like to add, some I’ve already managed to get my hands on, and others I’m still lusting over. 

Grey Duvet

     This is one of the things I deemed more necessary so I’ve already picked one out. I chose to go for a rather thing comforter instead of an actual duvet because I’m moving to a pretty hot climate and I think it’s just a better plan to get something thinner and then bring a couple blankets incase some miracle happens and it gets chilly. I picked the color scheme (pink, grey, black, and white) quite early. I wanted something that looked quite clean because I’m fully prepared by the fact there will be some point where it looks like a tornado went through my room, and I’m hoping the simple colors will make it look a little less disastrous. 

Decorative Pillows

     Since I’m keeping my room quite simple looking, I wanted to spice it up with some fun pillows. The pillow pictured above is actually one of the ones I ordered along with a few others. Along with my room, I’m sharing a living room with my roommates so I’ll need to be on the lookout for one or two cute pillows that will fit our decor and passes the roommate test. If you’ve got any recommendations for cute pillow, let me know! 


     While I do think this is a necessary item, I haven’t actually purchased a rug because I don’t know what size to get. I really like the woven monochromatic types and have been bookmarking tons from different websites. I never realized how flipping expensive rugs can be, like good lord! It’s insane! I’m in desperate need of a place that sells cute but cheap rugs, does such a place exist?


     I’ve picked up a couple pieces if art from various places but of course I’m continually after more. I’ve actually got three vintage Vogue prints that I picked in Paris which I’m so excited to put on my walls. One of my favorite print companies is Rifle Paper Co. Everything they produce is so gorgeous, I want it all. Their florals and location prints are some of my favorites and I’d think they’d go perfectly in my new space. 

Wall Shelves

     As I’m working with such a small space and have very little storage, I’ve decided to use wall shelves instead of standing ones. This way, I can keep things off the floor but still get to have shelves to stores books, supplies and such. I’m slightly torn between trying to build some or just buying some sets. Building would definitely be cheaper but I think I might be considered a danger to the pubic if I was to go anywhere near power tools do I’ll have to see about that. 

Jewelry Holders

     I’m really great when it comes to jewelry and by really great I mean I always forget to wear it and I keep basically everything in one big box. So yeah, really great… It’s one of the parts of fashion that I want to get a bit more into but it’s actually quite hard for me. I’m a pretty small person so a lot of jewelry is way too big on me (we’re talking ring size 4, maybe 5 and ridiculously small wrists) and it just looks wrong. All the jewelry I wear tends to be very plain, simple and small, which I suppose is alright, it just doesn’t leave that much room for variation. Seriously though, the day I can find bracelets that don’t slip all the way up the to my upper forearm, will be the day pigs fly. Anywho, the little jewelry that I have is constantly getting tangled in my big box so I think it’s about time I invest in a jewelry stand and an actually nice looking box. Maybe if I can actually get to my jewelry without having to untangle a labyrinth of chains, I be more apt to wear it. 

Other Bits

     The rest of the decorations I want to buy and bring are a bit fuzzy and the moment but I’m slowly making a list. I know that I want to take some fake plants (I’m going to be manic trying to keep myself alive and well at school, I definitely shouldn’t be trusted with live plants) as well as some mason jars and wire baskets. I’m considering getting a clock but I don’t know if that’s just silly because I usually just use my phone as my alarm. I’ve got a white board for a calendar and lots of strings to hang pictures on. 

     All in all, I know I’ve still got a few necessary things to buy but I’m sure everything will fall into place eventually. They say moving is one of the most stressful experiences but I’m surprisingly calm at the moment. Granted, I not moving my entire house but I am moving pretty much my whole life away. Saying that makes me feel slightly less calm… Oh well! 



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