Do you hear the wolves howling?

     There is something so satisfying about finishing a project that you’ve been working on for months. Lupe Brumae, which translates from latin to Winter Wolf, is my winter 2017/2018 collection. This project, which I basically consider my baby because I literally worked on it for nine months, was pretty much the heart and soul of my senior year of school. I began taking a fashion design class last year and continued it on this past school year. As a second year in the class, I was given the task to create a five-look collection of my own design and construction. While this was incredibly daunting, it was also very exciting. 

     I, and my collection was inspired by wolves. I’ve always been intrigued by their deeply contrasting features. They’re powerful but graceful, fierce but kind, wild but elegant. It was these sorts of contrasts that I wanted to portray in my collection. I utilized faux fur along with other winter looking fabrics/colors. I wanted all the structures of my garments to be strong and powerful looking but still have touches of softness and femininity. 

Myself and my five lovely models the night of our fashion show.

     Creating this collection from nothing but ideas inside my brain, sketching every detail and sewing every stitch is something I am extremely proud to have done. I put my heart and soul into this collection and am so happy that it turned out the way it did. 



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